Vote by mailARLINGTON HEIGHTS – Voters can now safely cast their ballots during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to a new elections package supported by State Senator Ann Gillespie (D-Arlington Heights) that was signed into law.

“All citizens have a right to participate in our democracy without fear,” Gillespie said. “Given the public health challenges we face, expanding our vote by mail program will allow citizens to exercise their democratic rights without compromising their health.”

Senate Bill 1863 will expand the state’s vote by mail program by sending any person who voted in the past two years an application for a ballot in their mailbox. Voters who aren’t sent an application in the mail will have the opportunity to register to vote by mail online. Election Day of this year will also be made a state holiday so schools can be used as polling places without putting students at increased risk for COVID-19. All provisions in this legislation apply to the 2020 General Election only.

Senate Bill 1863 was signed into law on Tuesday and is effective immediately.