Gillespie fro 081321SPRINGFIELD – To keep families safe from gun violence, a measure strengthening the Firearms Restraining Order Act sponsored by State Senator Ann Gillespie (D-Arlington Heights) was signed into law today.

“Strengthening red flag laws will keep families safe when a household member shouldn’t have a gun,” Gillespie said. “This new law gives our partners in law enforcement the tools they need to intervene before a tragedy can occur.”

Under the Firearms Restraining Order Act family members, household members and law enforcement may obtain a civil order to temporarily remove firearms from people who pose a risk of harm to themselves or others. If issued, the firearms restraining order would transfer any firearms, FOID card or concealed carry license to law enforcement for no more than six months. This legislation adds ammunition and firearm parts to the list of removable items.

State Rep. Denyse Stoneback (D-Skokie) introduced the measure in the Illinois House.

"Increased awareness and education about the Firearm Restraining Order law, as well as vigorous implementation, will no doubt save lives and prevent gun tragedies,” Stoneback said.

Eighteen other states have similar “red flag” laws that allow family and household members to seek restriction to a potentially dangerous person’s access to firearms.

The new law also creates a three-year commission to implement the Firearms Restraining Order Act. The commission would be led by the Director of the Illinois State Police and responsible for developing a framework for the timely transfer of firearms when a firearms restraining order is issued. The measure also creates an awareness program conducted by the Department of Public Health so families know what recourse they have when intervention is needed.

House Bill 1092 is effective immediately.