Sen. Cristina Castro

SPRINGFIELD – Drivers will soon be able to choose a gender-neutral option to put on their driver’s license or ID cards under a new law by Elgin Democrat State Senator Cristina Castro.

Castro’s law will allow applications to choose between “male,” “female” or “non-binary” when defining their sex on their driver’s license or ID card.

“It has always been stressed that our driver’s license and state ID cards should be as accurate as possible,” Castro said. “Allowing a gender-neutral option only helps to make it more accurate. It has been long enough, and it’s time for not only the state, but also its agencies to adapt. I am happy to see the governor sign my bill.”

Currently, eight states and the District of Columbia offer a gender-neutral option on driver’s licenses and ID cards.

House Bill 3534 is effective immediately; however, it won’t take full effect until the current contract with the Secretary of State licensing system vendor expires in Aug. 2021.