Assistant Majority Leader Iris Y. Martinez

SPRINGFIELD — A new law sponsored by Assistant Majority Leader Iris Y. Martinez (D-Chicago) will create training programs for young people looking to enter the building trades.

Her measure creates the “Training in the Building Trades Program,” which would award grants to community-based organizations to establish training programs for people ages 18-35 with interest in that industry.

“There is no one-size-fits all career path for young people, so we need to provide them with a variety of opportunities to learn and train for their future,” Martinez said. “These programs will give future trades professionals the tools they need to obtain a good-paying job and to give back to the state.”

The bipartisan measure also directs the Department of Children and Family Services to work in conjunction with the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to identify youth who are aging out of the foster care system to refer to the training programs.

House Bill 2304 takes effect Jan. 1, 2020.