SPRINGFIELD – To ensure communities have a safe option to discard opioids and other prescription medication, State Senator Scott Bennett supported a new law to create a statewide disposal program.

“Too often, unused prescription drugs find their way into the wrong hands,” said Bennett (D-Champaign). “Creating a statewide drug take-back programs provides options to safely dispose of prescription drugs as well as educate the public on the associated risks.”

While some counties in Illinois have already established similar programs, there is no statewide system in place to safely collect and dispose of medications, leaving some counties without a secure way to throw away these substances.

Because of this, many people become addicted to opioids found sitting in their family’s medicine cabinets.

“This new law addresses a crucial public safety and public health issue,” said Bennett. “Although some medications are safe to throw away at home, this gives residents a safe way to dispose expired medication and keep them out of children’s sight and hands.”

House Bill 1780 is now law and is effective immediately.