vermilion airport 120321DANVILLE – State Senator Scott Bennett (D-Champaign) announced a combined $945,000 investment in state funding to help maintain and upgrade the Vermilion Regional Airport and Rantoul National Aviation Center on Friday.

“Our airports play a vital role in building for our future and strengthening our regional economy,” Bennett said. “These funds will allow the smaller airports in our community to make much-needed repairs, modernize their facilities and attract more passengers.”

Projects will include planning, construction, reconstruction, development and improvement of the airport to increase safety and efficiency. Communities also will benefit from increased aviation access, good-paying jobs during construction and long-term opportunities for workforce expansion.

Among the projects to receive funding, the Vermilion Regional Airport is set to receive $315,000 to reconstruct the airport entrance road and $450,000 to upgrade the airport perimeter fence. The Rantoul National Aviation Center is set to receive $180,000 to acquire airport snow removal equipment.

“I’m pleased that the state is investing in our local airports,” Bennett said. “Having reliable and safe air service is crucial for tourism, commerce and economic development in our region.” 

A full list of recipients can be viewed by going to