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The Majority Report 08/16/15 - Little left to budget, financial aid in time for college


Senate Democrats update budget numbers; stress need for negotiated agreement on finances

FY16 Budget OutlookNearly 90 percent of state spending has now been committed because of recent court rulings and Rauner administration actions even though there is no state budget in place.

Illinois Senate Democrats estimate that 89.4 percent of all state general funding is covered by court orders, consent decrees, mandated state spending or other agreements and arrangements.

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Fund financial aid for college students now

Fund financial aid for college students nowIn an effort to break the impasse over funding for financial aid for qualified college students, Illinois Senate Democrats announced Friday they intend to take up a student aid budget this week.

"The longer the state goes without funding MAP grants, the greater damage to Illinois students, families, colleges and universities. Governor Rauner is risking the economic future of hundreds of thousands of Illinoisans who want to improve themselves and our state," said Senator Pat McGuire, chairman of the Senate Higher Education Committee.

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Historic bipartisan accomplishments in spite of negativity

Historic bipartisan accomplishments in spite of negativitySpringfield's NPR radio station, WUIS, covers developments at the Capitol. Recently, the station published an article looking past the budget impasse friction to find positive achievements during the 2015 legislative session. The story includes an interview with Charlie Wheeler, director of UIS' Public Affairs Reporting program, and Jamey Dunn, Editor of Illinois Issues. Their analysis focused on achievements in criminal justice, including Senate Bill 1304, a comprehensive law enforcement package expected to be a model for reform across the country.

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Harmon disappointed by partisan vote against working families

Harmon disappointed by partisan vote against working familiesIn an effort to support working parents who cannot afford childcare State Senator Don Harmon (D-Oak Park) voted against Governor Rauner's drastic new rules that have cut the Child Care Assistance Program for needy families. Harmon joined with the rest of his Democratic colleagues in support of these families at the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules hearing, but the deep cuts prevailed, however, when Republican members sided with the governor over working families.

"It is extremely disappointing that not a single one of my Republican colleagues was able to stand up for working families today. These emergency rules, proposed by Governor Rauner, do not respond to an emergency, but they will create emergencies for people all across the state. The legislature should have the will to stand up to the governor and check this overreach of his powers," said Harmon.

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