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The Majority Report 09/13/15 - Saving lives


Senate revives life-saving program with override

Senate revives life-saving program with overrideAfter a measure to address an urgent health crisis passed both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly in May, the governor vetoed House Bill 1, the Heroin Crisis Act, in August. Despite the governor's veto, Senator Dan Kotowski's (Park Ridge) motion to override passed with a bipartisan majority in the Senate last week. The new law took effect immediately.

"The explosion of heroin and prescription opioid use in our communities puts our families in serious danger. We owe it to our children and families to do everything possible to make our schools and neighborhoods safe from the deadly effects of drug abuse," said Kotowski. "This vote to support heroin addiction treatment will finally give those struggling with substance abuse the resources to survive and become active, productive members of our society," said Kotowski.

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Senate passes human services funding (AUDIO)

Senate passes human services funding (AUDIO)Last week, the Senate passed Senate Bill 2046, which would give the governor authority to make payments to human service providers not already funded pursuant to court orders, distribute motor fuel tax proceeds to local governments and pay lottery winners.

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, Senator Daniel Biss (Evanston) led Senate hearings regarding delayed and missing state payments to social service groups who help the disabled and needy in Illinois live with dignity and get back on their feet.

"What this bill changes is the fact that there is an important slice of the most vulnerable citizens in Illinois who are being harmed -- viciously -- for no reason while we fight about it," said Biss.

"We should be sitting down on a bipartisan basis, talking about the budget and just the budget, not Scott Walker's turnaround plan. Just the budget," Senator Kwame Raoul (Chicago) said.

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Hastings, Cullerton support suicide prevention

Hastings, Cullerton support suicide preventionAccording to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, over 40,000 suicides were reported in 2013. This places suicide as the 10th leading cause of death in the United States.

September 6-12 is designated Suicide Prevention Week to help spread awareness about the severity of this issue and put a stop to the steady increase in yearly suicide rates. Senators Michael Hastings (Tinley Park) and Tom Cullerton (Villa Park) sponsored laws recently that deal with suicide prevention in two key populations: young people and veterans.

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Kids, cocktails, corn: new laws, Fall 2015 edition

Kids, cocktails, corn: new laws, Fall 2015 editionWith this year's main session of the General Assembly over, Illinois has several new laws that could make a significant impact on your daily life.

Whether you have kids, enjoy after-work cocktails or are a veteran, you should definitely check out our list of the most important and interesting new laws that took effect this summer.

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Happy Birthday, I Like Illinois

Happy Birthday, I Like Illinois"As the president of the Senate, I attend functions and events across the state and get the opportunity to meet great people doing outstanding things. Recently I was lamenting how hard it is to keep track of all of this good news and said aloud, 'You know, there ought to be a website.' And the response from my staff was, 'We can do that.' That's how the 'I Like Illinois' website got started." -- Senate President John Cullerton, September 11, 2014

After 365 days of providing an alternative view of our great state and sharing a long list of attributes and successes that are often overlooked, we still like Illinois. We thank those of you who follow this website and welcome those of you who are interested in news about job growth, innovation, natural resources and talented people in our state.

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