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The Majority Report 07/05/15 - Rauner Shutdown, Consequences


Lost jobs, services due to Rauner shutdown

Lost jobs, services due to Rauner shutdownThe Senate approved a budget back in May, but unfortunately, due to Governor Rauner's vetoes, the state began its fiscal year with no budget in place. The General Assembly sent the budget to the Governor; he vetoed 19 of those bills and only signed one, funding education to allow schools to open on time in August. He continues to insist the General Assembly take action on his so-called turnaround agenda, corporation-friendly issues that have little to do with the budget, before he will compromise on spending and revenue.

In an effort to prevent a state government shutdown and maintain services, the Senate passed a one-month budget last week to allow more time for negotiation between the Senate, House and Gov. Rauner. This would keep vital programs operating for child care, seniors, mentally ill, and several other core services that would cause suffering and job loss statewide if they close. The House failed to pass a matching measure so no provisional budget was sent to the governor.

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Forby: Closing Hardin County Work Camp causes more harm than good

Forby: Closing Hardin County Work Camp causes more harm than goodRecently, State Senator Gary Forby (D - Benton) toured Hardin County Work Camp in an effort to understand how Governor Rauner's cuts will affect residents in his district. Initially, Corrections officials didn't allow Senator Forby access to the facility, but after the visit rendered some negative press, the Governor allowed Senator Forby to tour the facility.

"Cutting Hardin work camp is irresponsible," Forby said. "Inmates living here help local governments during natural disasters, save surrounding counties millions of dollars in project costs and inmates donate 7,000 hours per month in community service to neighboring cities. These are the types of facilities that allow inmates to pay their debt to society while also developing skills, so once they are released they don't come back."

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Peoria mother faces losing her son if health care funding cut

Peoria mother faces losing her son if health care funding cutState Senator Dave Koehler (D-Peoria) recently held a press conference to discuss the impact that the governor's proposed budget cuts will have on working families. One of the speakers was Meghann Schwartz, whose son relies on the Medically Fragile/Technology Dependent waiver program to be able to live at home.

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Sullivan modernizes Illinois 911 systems funding

Sullivan modernizes Illinois 911 systems fundingAn overhaul that modernizes how Illinois funds its 911 call centers was signed into law last week. State Senator John Sullivan (D-Rushville) sponsored the proposal, Senate Bill 96, which was a result of a yearlong review of Illinois' 911 systems.

"There is a patchwork of more than 200 different 911 systems in the state, and there were nine counties without any system whatsoever. Our goal was to create a modern, efficient 911 system that serves both cities and rural communities equally well, and that's what this overhaul accomplishes," Sullivan said.

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