Tom Cullerton: “The governor is clearly lying to the people of Illinois”

tcullerton 022118VILLA PARK- Recent payroll shows only 44 of the Gov. Bruce Rauner’s staff are actually paid from the governor’s budget while 58 people are hidden in other agency payrolls.

To promote transparent and open government, State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) is advancing legislation to prevent shady payroll practices in the governor’s office.

“Once again, Gov. Rauner is hiding the truth from the people of Illinois,” Cullerton said. “It is absolutely outrageous that the governor of Illinois is utilizing irresponsible and inaccurate accounting practices to abuse the trust of DuPage County taxpayers.”

Senate Bill 3233 would prohibit the Governor's office from using other agency appropriations to pay for Governor's office employees. This new measure passed the Senate’s Committee on State Government with bipartisan support.

Right now on paper the governor’s office’s budget is $4.9 million however, if the governor would be honest and report all the employees working in his office his budget would be more than $10 million.

Cullerton states once again the governor is clearly lying to the people of Illinois by hiding the number of employees working in his office as well as their salaries.

“Off-shoring employees’ salaries onto the budgets of vital state agencies that take care of our children, seniors and veterans is a blatant misuse of power,” Cullerton said. “My hope is this legislation will promote an open and honest system where the hard earned tax dollars of DuPage County families are spent wisely and responsibly.”

Senate Bill 3233 will close a loop hole practice that is done through an inter-agency agreement that uses an exempting that the agency whose appropriation is being used from having to certify that the individual has performed work for that agency.

“The people of Illinois deserve to know how their valuable tax dollars are being spent,” Cullerton said.

Sen. Tom Cullerton


23rd Legislative District

Years served: 2013 - Present

Committee assignments: Energy and Public Utilities; Insurance; Labor; State Government; Transportation; Veterans Affairs (Chairperson); Sub. on Utility Rate Regulations (Sub-Chairperson).

Biography: Born Sept. 20, 1969; studied at the University of Kansas; former village president and trustee of Villa Park; married (wife Stacey), three sons.

Associated Representatives:
Deb Conroy
Diane Pappas