Sandoval: Rauner puts Trump’s rhetoric to work in Illinois

Sandoval 08 24webCHICAGO – With vetoes to three immigrant protection bills today, Gov. Bruce Rauner put into action the anti-immigrant rhetoric his party has embraced, State Senator Martin A. Sandoval (D-Chicago) said.

“He can say whatever he wants to about being a diversity governor, but this shows he subscribes to the same talking points and has the same anti-immigrant ideals as Donald Trump, who has done irreparable harm to immigrant communities,” Sandoval said.

Rauner issued vetoes of three measures, including a bill which would prohibit landlords from questioning a tenant’s immigration status as a means of harassment or to force an eviction. Rauner also vetoed the Immigration Safe Zones Act to protect immigrants in courthouses, schools, libraries, medical facilities and shelters, and the VOICES Act (SB 34), which would have set consistent rules for law enforcement agencies that work with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking and other crimes.

“These are measures that would have given immigrants basic human rights and protected them from deportation simply for reporting crimes,” Sandoval said. “As we draw closer to November, Rauner gets closer and closer to being a Donald Trump clone than an independently-minded leader.”

Rauner vetoed the bills despite calls for his signature from former Republican Gov. Jim Edgar in a newspaper op-ed this week.

Sandoval said Rauner’s vetoes will make Illinois’ streets more dangerous.

“The governor and his boss, Donald Trump, would like everyone to believe that all immigrants are criminals. Obviously this is naïve and inhumane,” Sandoval said. “But with this veto, the governor prevents law-abiding, tax-paying immigrants from being able to report crimes without fearing deportation. These vetoes make all of us less safe.”

Worst of all, Sandoval said, Rauner used the bill veto press conference to politicize the recent murder of a young woman in Iowa.

“There’s no more beating around the Bush,” Sandoval said. “Gov. Rauner has begun to embrace this anti-immigrant rhetoric because he thinks that’s what his voters want. Vetoing these measures is mean-spirited and dangerous. The governor should know this and should have more faith in the decency of the people of Illinois.”

Sandoval calls on Rauner to fix abysmal diversity numbers

Sandoval Diversity­CHICAGO – State Senator Martin A. Sandoval (D-Chicago) called on Gov. Bruce Rauner this week to explain why the state has fallen woefully short of minority inclusion goals in state contracts.

Sandoval, the Chairman of the Illinois Senate’s Special Committee on Supplier Diversity, addressed a letter to Rauner to find out why the governor’s hand-picked university trustees are not doing more to reach the required Business Enterprise Program (BEP) goal of spending 20 percent of their contractual dollars with businesses owned by minorities, women and people with disabilities.

“Rauner is the governor who appointed the majority of the trustees of each of these universities and who administers CMS,” Sandoval said. “I want to know why he’s allowing universities to neglect these requirements and what his administration intends to do to compel compliance.”

Sandoval has already convened one hearing of the Committee on Supplier Diversity with the goal of finding statutory improvements to encourage or mandate the inclusion of businesses owned by minorities, women and disabled persons in state contracts. At that meeting, many of the universities expressed frustrations with CMS’ inability to maintain an accurate database of BEP-certified vendors.

Sandoval called on the governor to convene a summit with all universities in close consultation with CMS to focus on the topic.

“The state’s hiring practices are a reflection of this governor’s opinion of minority communities,” Sandoval said. “If he wants to be taken seriously as a diversity governor, he has to work harder to include diverse contractors in state hiring.”

Sandoval requested a meeting with the governor to discuss the matter by the end of September. He also plans to schedule future supplier diversity committee hearings in September and October for the purpose of questioning other industries such as hospitals, MCOs, casinos and other emerging industries.

“It’s clear that some in these industries are less than sincere about their corporate supplier diversity programs,” Sandoval said. “Government must lead by example followed by the corporate sector that is beneficiary of public funding.”

Sandoval supports new lottery game to benefit police memorials

Sandoval 0802 002SPRINGFIELD – A new scratch-off Illinois Lottery game backed by Senator Martin A. Sandoval (D-Chicago) will create more revenue to benefit police memorials.

The legislation, House Bill 5513, was signed into law this week.

“Our state owes a debt of gratitude to these fallen officers and their families, and this will help preserve their memories through memorials, scholarships and assistance to their families,” Sandoval said. “These families deserve support as they deal with a loss that can never fully heal.”

The proceeds from the scratch-off will fund grants to be used for building and maintaining memorials and parks, holding annual commemorations, giving scholarships to children of officers killed or catastrophically injured in the line of duty, and providing financial assistance to police officers and their families when an officer is killed or injured in the line of duty.

The game will begin Jan. 1, 2019. The net revenue will be deposited equally to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation Fund, the Police Memorial Committee Fund and the Illinois State Police Memorial Fund.

Sandoval calls for hearings on racism at Primary Care Association

Sandoval 0730CICERO – Senator Martin A. Sandoval (D-Chicago), Co-Chairman of the Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus, this week called for legislative hearings to investigate the trail of racism surrounding the resignation of Illinois Primary Health Care Association (IPHCA) President and CEO Bruce Johnson.

Johnson resigned Monday, July 16 after he admitted to making racist remarks during a meeting with an IPHCA member organization. Just four days later, six members of the IPHCA’s Executive Committee resigned.

“This isn’t just one incident of a racist comment. This was a sustained campaign of intimidation by not just Bruce Johnson but several members of the executive board,” Sandoval said. “I call for these hearings because we have an obligation to stand up for one another and what is right to ensure that racist conduct—no matter who engages in it—will not be tolerated.”

An official complaint of discrimination against Bruce Johnson and the IPHCA Executive Committee was filed last week by Raul Garza, President and CEO of Aunt Martha’s Health & Wellness. Garza is a U.S.-born citizen and 12-year veteran of the United States Air Force. Johnson allegedly made disparaging comments to Garza about his re-entry into the country after a recent visit to Mexico.

“The executive committee clearly failed in their duty to investigate these disgusting comments and it is disturbing that a handful of IPHCA members are now speaking in defense of the individuals who have rightfully resigned,” Sandoval said. “Their protest reflects poorly on the Association’s entire membership.”

Sandoval said a committee should investigate:

  • Why Mr. Johnson was allowed to behave as he did
  • Why it took so long for the Executive Committee to conduct an investigation
  • Why the Association has not issued an apology for either Johnson’s behavior or its failure to properly investigate the matter

Sandoval said he also plans to file a resolution to conduct an audit of the IPHCA’s adherence to its contracts with the State of Illinois.

“The IPHCA has multiple contracts with the State, and those contracts require the Association to comply with all civil rights laws prohibiting discrimination in any form,” Sandoval said. “We have to send an example that while increasingly common, this type of discourse will no longer be tolerated.”

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