Extending scholarship program by McGuire, Governor signs major increase to AIM HIGH program

mcguire 040519Expanding a scholarship program created by Senator Pat McGuire as part of last year’s Higher Education Working Group, Gov. JB Pritzker signed new legislation allowing universities to retain any unused AIM HIGH scholarship funds each year, and grant them more flexibility in awarding the scholarships.

McGuire said the move shows a commitment to tackling the hurdles standing in the way of bright prospective students who may struggle with the financial burden of a university education.

Part of the bipartisan Higher Education Working Group’s efforts centered on identifying factors driving down college enrollment in Illinois. Among their findings were that many students accepted to an Illinois public school but did not attend simply did not attend college at all. The affordability of college and the stability of being able to count on grants, scholarships, and other financial aid were identified as key in increasing enrollment.

The AIM HIGH scholarship program, available to eligible students who choose to attend an Illinois public university, was started as a $25 million program and, under the legislation signed this week, will see a $10 million increase.

Sen. Pat McGuire


43rd District

Years served:
2012 - Present

Committee assignments: Appropriations II; Environment and Conservation; Higher Education (Chairperson); Revenue; State Government (Vice-Chairperson); Transportation; Subcommittee on Capital (TR); Subcommittee on Prisons (Sub-Chairperson).

Biography: Former teacher, school board member, Will County treasurer and Braidwood City Clerk; attended Joliet Catholic schools from first grade through college; married (Lora) with one daughter (Molly).

Associated Representatives:
John Connor
Lawrence Walsh, Jr.