Human trafficking: Protecting the real victims

New law providing grant money and immunity

“People who have been enslaved by sex traffickers should be judiciously protected and given every opportunity to heal and move forward with their lives.” - State Senator Toi Hutchinson (D - Chicago Heights)

prison-162885 640CAUCUSSPRINGFIELD – The fight against human trafficking in Illinois will receive a huge boost from a new law providing funding for the construction and maintenance of shelters and advance specialized services for victims of this human rights atrocity.

Championed by Senator Toi Hutchinson (D – Chicago Heights), the Specialized Services for Survivors of Human Trafficking Fund will provide grants for essential needs associated with human trafficking and prostitution, while providing that minors can no longer be charged with solicitation of a sex act.

“People who have been enslaved by sex traffickers are now finally going to be lawfully protected and given every opportunity to heal and move forward with their lives,” Sen. Hutchinson said.

More freedom in vehicle use for farmers in Illinois

081214 js 0553RSPRINGFIELD - Legislation helping Illinois farmers was signed into law yesterday afternoon at the Illinois State Fair. The new law will allow farmers to use a wider range of vehicles for work without having to deal with CDL, medical card and hours of service restrictions.

Sponsored by State Senator Toi Hutchinson (D – Chicago Heights), smaller trucks under 12,000 pounds with drivers possessing only a B or D license, no longer just trucks 16,000 pounds and heavier, may now be designated as covered farm vehicles when pulling a farm-plated trailer.

With the “covered farm vehicle” designation applying to more vehicles, farmers can now simply focus on crops and not on more trucking rules and regulations.

$1.1 billion for Illinois roads, bridges and highways

roadconstructionRSPRINGFIELD – Illinois’ roads, bridges and highways are going to receive a substantial upgrade in the form of $1.1 billion in increased state investment for transportation infrastructure maintenance and improvement. Sponsored by State Senator Toi Hutchinson (D – Chicago Heights) and signed into law this morning, Senate Bill 3224 is a key part of Illinois’ transportation redevelopment project.

“Our state desperately needs the proper resources to improve our transportation infrastructure,” Sen. Hutchinson said. “With this law, we can make Illinois known for having one of the safest and most streamlined road systems in the nation.”

Hutchinson delivering civil rights protection to pregnant women

052014 js 1648RSPRINGFIELD – Pregnant women across Illinois can soon collectively exhale as discrimination against their current condition may soon be a civil rights violation in Illinois. State Senator Toi Hutchinson (D – Chicago Heights) is sponsoring legislation that will make it illegal for employers to discriminate against women because they are pregnant.

“As more women are likely to be their family's primary breadwinner, it has become evident that continuing to work through pregnancy and returning to work is particularly important for women and their families. Women are either the primary breadwinner or co-breadwinners in 64% of U.S. families, noted Senator Toi Hutchinson.

“The intent of this legislation is to make unmistakably clear that employers have to make reasonable accommodations for pregnant women, just like they do for workers who need accommodations because of a disability.

Sen. Toi W. Hutchinson

40th District

Years served: 
2009 - 2019

Committee assignments: Executive; Judiciary; Public Health; Revenue (Chairperson); Transportation; Subcommittee on Special Issues.

Biography: Full-time state legislator; Born May 20, 1973; Graduated University of Illinois at Urbana with a Bachelor in English; Olympia Fields Village Clerk from 2002-2006; Harvard Kennedy School of Government Executive Management Program; Women and Power, 2004; Former Chief of Staff to State Senator Debbie Halvorson; Lives in Olympia Fields with husband, Paul, and 3 children.

Associated Representatives:
Anthony DeLuca
Lindsay Parkhurst