Holmes leads State Senate in tribute to Aurora shooting victims

holmes 050218SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Linda Holmes (D-Aurora) rose today on the floor of the Illinois State Senate to honor the five men killed in a workplace shooting last Friday in Aurora. At the end of her remarks, the entire body stood for a moment of silence in memory of the victims.

Below is the full text of Holmes’ statement in the Senate chamber:

“On Friday, February 15, my city of Aurora became the site of a horrific mass shooting. In the middle of what should have been a regular work day at Henry Pratt Company, a gunman began shooting at workers in the plant and took the lives of five men. Thanks to the heroic actions of police officers running into the chaos, only one other worker was injured. 

Holmes stands up for first responders, overrides governor’s veto

holmes 022718SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Linda Holmes (D-Aurora) ensured a series of proposals will take effect to extend the same rights granted to firefighters to paramedics who are also employed by units of local government. The measures had been vetoed by the governor, but today Holmes successfully overrode those vetoes.

“Just like firefighters, paramedics face life-threatening circumstances to save lives and serve our communities,” Holmes said. “We owe it to paramedics and their families to give them the same rights as firefighters for the dangerous sacrifices they are willing to make.”

Senate overrides veto of Holmes’ government reform measure; will provide for election of Fox Metro Water Reclamation trustees

holmes 111418SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Linda Holmes (D-Aurora) this week overrode a veto of a measure to address the election of trustees for the Fox Metro Water Reclamation District. Senate Bill 2830 requires the trustees be elected rather than appointed. The bill had been vetoed by the governor in August and Holmes successfully overrode that veto today in the Senate.

“I believe it is important that those who represent the citizens of our communities should be elected and not appointed,” Holmes said. “This bill provides for trustee candidates to go on the ballot during consolidated elections. It represents government reform that will better serve water quality needs in the future for people in the Fox River Valley.”

The Water Reclamation District was created in the late 1920s and today serves nearly 300,000 residents in Aurora, North Aurora, Boulder Hill, Montgomery, Oswego, Sugar Grove and portions of Yorkville and Batavia, according to the Board’s website.

Senate Bill 2830 provides that trustees will be elected at consolidated elections, rather than appointed by members of the General Assembly, beginning with the 2019 consolidated election. Current members of the Board can continue to serve until their terms expire, at which time an elected trustee will take their place on the Board. Trustees will be elected to staggered 4-year terms. The Board will continue to have 5 total members. 

Approved on a vote of 50-5 by the Senate, the measure now moves to the House for concurrence.

Holmes bill to fight obesity with K-12 physical education vetoed by governor

phys ed 082218SPRINGFIELD – A bill sponsored by State Senator Linda Holmes (D – Aurora) to fight the growing epidemic of obesity in Illinois was vetoed by Gov. Bruce Rauner this week.

The measure, Senate Bill 2572, would require schools to provide a minimum of 150 minutes of physical education per school week for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

“Governor, why do you want to limit a school’s flexibility in scheduling PE?” Holmes asked. “It is still such a minimal amount of time for physical activity that impacts health with respect to obesity-related diseases and proven research on how exercise positively affects the brain and the ability to learn.”

“A greater and greater percentage of adults in Illinois are obese, and that number only keeps rising year after year,” Holmes said. “In the past we’ve set minimum requirements on a variety of subjects meant to keep students’ minds healthy, and with this we sought to do the same with a subject meant to keep their bodies healthy as well.”

Sen. Linda Holmes

Assistant Majority Leader Linda Holmes

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Years served: 2007 - Present

Committee assignments: Agriculture (Vice-Chairperson); Commerce and Economic Development (Chairperson); Executive; Labor; Local Government (Vice-Chairperson); Telecommunications & InfoTechnology.

Biography: Elected to the Senate in 2006; born March 16, 1959, in Chicago; received a bachelor's degree from the National College of Education (now National-Lewis University); First woman president of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry; Full-time state legislator.

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