Senator Haine urges lawmakers to approve MAP grant funding

map grant mrSPRINGFIELD – Next week the Illinois State Senate plans to take up funding for financial aid for qualified college students. The Monetary Assistance Program (MAP) provides needy Illinois students with funding to pay for college tuition.  This funding is currently being held up as a result of the budget impasse.

“In the coming weeks students will be returning to college campuses,” said State Senator Bill Haine (D-Alton). “Many of these students rely on MAP grants for their college tuition. It is important we invest in the future of our state and make sure students have the opportunity to better themselves. That is why I am urging lawmakers to vote in favor of this measure."

In May, the Illinois General Assembly passed legislation specifically aimed to help college students. Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed the plan thereby taking away college funding for students who rely on state assistance.

Illinois Senate Democrats have issued an online petition urging students and stakeholders to support MAP grant funding on their website:

The Senate expects to take up the legislation on Wednesday, August 19.

Haine legislation to improve organ and tissue transplant process signed into law

haine organ donSPRINGFIELD – Legislation sponsored by State Senator Bill Haine (D- Alton) was signed by the governor on Tuesday. The measure will improve the organ and tissue transplant process throughout the Metro East.
House Bill 4120, a bipartisan measure that passed both houses of the legislature without a single no vote, will enable a better process for tissue and organ donors by allowing donations to occur at a state-of-the-art facility in St. Louis.
“I am thrilled to see this legislation gain such great support and to see it signed into law,” said Haine. “Every minute counts when it comes to tissue and organ donations. This legislation allows for a better process so those who need organ and tissue donations are able to receive them quickly, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful recovery and saving lives.”

The legislation allows Illinois funeral directors or transporters to move bodies across state lines to state-of-the-art facilities in St. Louis.  It also eliminates unnecessary regulations and paperwork in order to expedite the process.
This measure was signed by Governor Bruce Rauner on Tuesday and goes into effect January 1. 

Haine, Beiser request “No-Build” option for Alton-Godfrey connector

haine-alton-godfrey-rdALTON – The Illinois Department of Transportation has been carrying out a series of impact studies on a proposed project to build a road to connect Alton and Godfrey.

At an informational meeting about the development last week, local citizens came out to voice their concerns and opposition.

“This project has been the subject of a series of studies to gauge public input, and I have heard the opposition,” said Senator Bill Haine (D-Alton). “In order to go forward with this project, we need local support. Without local support, this project is not viable. I have heard from many local businesses and individuals that would have immediate losses from this development. The losses far outweigh the projected gains.  

“Additionally, I believe this funding is better suited for other projects that are needed throughout our community. I have requested that IDOT use this funding on such projects as the I-270 expansion and repair, the bike trail on the River Road or the round-about on IL Route 3 in Godfrey. These are necessary developments for our community that garner significant public support.”

There have been many throughout the community who have voiced their concerns about the immediate losses this development would cause.

“There are a lot of road upgrades on the books or planned for the near future, and this decision was made with the goal of bringing our current infrastructure up to standards in a way that prepares our region for further job growth while respecting the wishes of local businesses and homeowners,” added Representative Dan Beiser (D-Alton).

Senator Haine and Representative Beiser’s request for a ‘No Build’ would end this project and provide funding to other important infrastructure developments important to Metro-East communities.

Senator Haine supports police body cameras

haine-bodycamsSPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Senate passed a measure today co-sponsored by State Senator Bill Haine (D-Alton) to create a law that requires cameras must be turned on at all times when law enforcement officers are responding to calls for service and engaged in law-enforcement related activities.

“This legislation requiring the use of police-worn body cameras helps keep law enforcement accountable and provides for greater safety for both officers and citizens,” said Haine. “It would create a better review process of what happens out in the field and allow for greater protections for our courageous police officers.”

The measure also requires the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board to develop basic guidelines for the use of officer-worn body cameras by law enforcement. Additionally it would require law enforcement agencies using body cameras to provide an annual report to the Board each year.

The measure passed the General Assembly today and will be sent to the governor for consideration.

Sen. William R. Haine

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Assistant Majority Leader
56th District

Years served:
2002 - 2018

Committee assignments: Criminal Law; Insurance (Vice-Chairperson); Judiciary; Licensed Activities and Pensions; Veterans Affairs.

Biography: Born 8 August 1944, in Alton, Illinois. United States Army Veteran; one tour of duty, Vietnam (1967-69); Bachelors Degree, St. Louis University (1967); Juris Doctorate, St. Louis University School of Law (1974). Member, Madison County Board (1978, 1982-86); Metro-East Transit District Board of Trustees (1981-88); Madison County State's Attorney (1988-2002). Wife, Anna, 7 children, 31 grandchildren.