Haine: Area schools to receive additional $4M in Year 2 of new formula

haine 050118COLLINSVILLE—Collinsville schools will continue to benefit from Illinois’ new school funding formula, which guarantees local schools will receive nearly $1.5 million more in total state support this year than they did last year, State Senator Bill Haine announced this week.

That means the new formula will have brought more than $3 million in additional money into the school district during its first two years on the books.

New Haine law gives nursing mothers reasonable break time

breastfeeding 082218SPRINGFIELD – Nursing mothers will now be guaranteed reasonable break time at their place of employment under a proposal passed by State Senator Bill Haine (D-Alton) that was signed into law on Tuesday.

“Breastfeeding is natural and necessary for many mothers,” Haine said. “Women should not be penalized at work for needing a little more time to keep on track with their nursing schedule.” 

Haine’s new law, passed under House Bill 1595, amends the Nursing Mothers in the Workplace Act by requiring employers provide paid and reasonable break time for nursing mothers for up to one year after their child’s birth. Current state law only requires employers provide unpaid break time to nursing mothers.

The number of American mothers who breastfeed continues to increase every year. In 2013, more than 80 percent of American mothers breastfed their babies, which is up from a 2000 report that showed only 70 percent breastfed.

House Bill 1595 was sponsored in the Illinois House by Representative Katie Stuart (D-Edwardsville) and goes into effect on July 1, 2018.


Haine: Rauner veto takes decisions away from voters

haine 042318SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Bill Haine (D-Alton), a longtime advocate for investing in the levee system in the Metro East, expressed disappointment in the governor’s veto of Senate Bill 2368.  The measure sponsored by Haine would have given Metro East residents a direct say in decisions about the makeup of the Metro East Sanitation District Board.

Under Haine’s legislation, the mayor of the largest municipality in Madison County, Granite City, would have served on the Metro East Sanitation District Board to oversee the levee system that protects Madison county families from the Mississippi River flooding. Currently, all positions on the board are appointed by the Madison and St. Clair County Board Chairmen.

“I am more aware than the governor is of the past problems of the Metro East Sanitary District. That is why when I crafted the levee reconstruction law we created a new governmental entity, the Flood Protection District Board in Madison and St. Clair counties, to manage $180 million not under the control of the Metro East Sanitary District. It has one-specific purpose – to reconstruct the levees to a federally certifiable 500-year level.

“My previous levee reconstruction bill assures that the Metro East is one of the few areas in the country with adequate flood protection, all done without the Metro East Sanitary District, which previously caused opposition to my proposal in 2007.

“While the current board has accomplished good things, it is still mired in political controversy and ill-advised ideas. My legislation was very simple.  It reflects longstanding public policy of local mayors serving on local commissions, such as the Metro East Transit District and Central Port Authority. Some of these board members need to be directly accountable to voters, not to Democratic or Republican Party County machines.

“This proposal would have reformed the Metro East Sanitation District and reduced the power of the local party machines. Instead, today the governor decided to side with partisan politics over the needs and interests of the Metro East community.”

Haine supports measure to ensure nursing homes aren’t punished for state’s mistakes

Sen. William R. HaineSPRINGFIELD – State Senator Bill Haine (D-Alton) co-sponsored and spoke adamantly in support of a measure passed by the Illinois Senate that will allow patients who have waited more than 45 days to determine their Medicaid status to become provisionally eligible.

Haine co-sponsored the legislation after hearing dozens of complaints from frustrated constituents who experienced significant delays in getting their Medicaid status approved.

Federal law requires the state to make this determination in less than 45 days, but in Illinois many patients have been callously forced to wait several months, and in some cases even up to a year.

Sen. William R. Haine

haine 150

Assistant Majority Leader
56th District

Years served:
2002 - 2018

Committee assignments: Criminal Law; Insurance (Vice-Chairperson); Judiciary; Licensed Activities and Pensions; Veterans Affairs.

Biography: Born 8 August 1944, in Alton, Illinois. United States Army Veteran; one tour of duty, Vietnam (1967-69); Bachelors Degree, St. Louis University (1967); Juris Doctorate, St. Louis University School of Law (1974). Member, Madison County Board (1978, 1982-86); Metro-East Transit District Board of Trustees (1981-88); Madison County State's Attorney (1988-2002). Wife, Anna, 7 children, 31 grandchildren.