Bush demands action on Reproductive Health Act

bush 051519SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Melinda Bush (D-Grayslake) joined legislators and activists in demanding the House take action to protect women’s reproductive rights by passing the Reproductive Health Act. The move comes a day after the Alabama State Senate voted to ban abortion and criminalize doctors who perform the procedure.

“There’s a very real possibility that Roe v. Wade will be overturned in the next few years,” Bush said. “We need to take action now in Illinois to make sure that, regardless of what happens at the federal level, Illinois women maintain the right to a safe, legal abortion.”

The Reproductive Health Act repeals outdated abortion laws that have been blocked by the courts and ensures that reproductive health care is treated like all other health care and not as a crime. 

“The Reproductive Health Act protects Illinois women’s access to health care and sends a clear message that we believe reproductive health care should be treated like all other health care,” Bush said. “It’s time for the Illinois House to stand up for women and pass the Reproductive Health Act.” 

The Reproductive Health Act:

  • Repeals felony penalties imposed on doctors for offering abortion care and some contraceptives
  • Removes out-of-step regulations on health care clinics that provide abortions with protocols that reflect modern medical standards
  • Lifts disciplinary penalties adopted decades ago aimed solely at physicians who perform abortions
  • Treats the cost of abortion like all other medical expenses
  • Requires insurance companies (not multi-state plans) to provide coverage for abortions without cost-sharing requirements

House Bill 2495 is currently in the House Rules Committee.

Sen. Melinda Bush

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31st Senate District

Years served: 2013 - Present

Committee assignments: Appropriations II; Education; Environment and Conservation (Chairperson); Government Accountability/Pensions; Revenue; Transportation; Subcommittee on Capital (AP); Sub. on Tax Exemptions and Credits; Sub. on Interscholastic Athletics; Opioid Crisis Abatement Spec. Com..

Biography: Born March 18, 1956; former member of the Lake County Board, Forest Preserve Board and former Grayslake village trustee; married (Andy) with one adult son (Chris).

Associated Representatives:
Joyce Mason
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