Aquino, Peters rally with Parent Mentor Program at Capitol

parent mentor program 051619More than 600 supporters of a nationally recognized parent engagement program gathered Thursday to increase awareness of their successes in building relationships between students, teachers and parents. State Senators Omar Aquino and Robert Peters spoke to the Parent Mentor Program group at their rally in the Howlett Building.

The Parent Mentor Program guides how community organizations partner with schools to recruit parents to assist teachers. Before coming into the classroom, parent mentors take part in a week-long leadership training program. They are then assigned to a classroom where they are mentored by a teacher. They work directly with students.

“It works in my community. I know the parents here, from Logan Square, from Humboldt Park, who want to expand in all parts of the state,” Senator Omar Aquino said at the Parent Mentor Program event. “We want to invest in your parents’ work in your community.”

“I know how important you all are to our communities. When I was a kid, it was a parent in a school that lifted me up,” Senator Peters said. “We need to make sure we invest in the home away from home, and you guys are that home away from home.”

Logan Square Neighborhood Association, along with the Southwest Organizing Project run programs in 30 low-income neighborhood schools across Chicago.

Sen. Omar Aquino

Senator Omar Aquino

2nd Senate District
Majority Caucus Whip

Years served: 2016 - Present

Committee assignments: Appropriations I (Vice-Chairperson); Appropriations II; Education; Government Accountability/Pensions; Higher Education; Licensed Activities; Subcommittee on Capital (AP); Subcommittee on Charter Schools; Labor (Chairperson); Opioid Crisis Abatement Spec. Com..

Biography: Born and raised on the Northwest Side of Chicago; B.A. in Criminal Justice and Sociology, Loyola University Chicago; Bilingual Case Manager at Central West Case Management Unit at the Jane Addams School of Social Work; Legislative Assistant in the Illinois House of Representatives; Outreach Coordinator for Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth; Devoted to improving education, aging services and human services.

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