Five years later: impeaching Blagojevich


Based on a litany of offenses and sparked by an attempt to auction off a US Senate seat, the Illinois Senate voted unanimously to remove Governor Rod Blagojevich from office Jan. 29, 2009.

This month marks the five-year anniversary of that decision.

Following Blagojevich’s Dec. 9 arrest, the Illinois House of Representatives began an investigation and the Senate assembled a bipartisan committee to create procedures for the upcoming Senate trial.

Democratic members of that committee shared their reflections this week on that historic process and the unprecedented impact of that decision. 












Committee members in this video:

  • President John Cullerton (D-Chicago)
  • James Clayborne (D-Belleville)
  • Don Harmon (D-Oak Park)
  • Bill Haine (D-Alton)
  • Ira Silverstein (D-Chicago) (narrator)

For individual senators’ interviews, click on the links below:

President John Cullerton

Don Harmon

James Clayborne & Bill Haine

Subsequent to his impeachment and removal from office by the General Assembly, Blagojevich was tried on federal criminal charges and convicted in 2011.