• Mulroe: Governor’s vetoes side with money over families, bureaucracy over children with special needs

    mulroe committee 22614CHICAGO – State Senator John G. Mulroe announced his intent to overturn two vetoes by Gov. Bruce Rauner.

    Senate Bill 3052 would allow a construction contract to release 50 percent of a job’s retainer amount after a contractor completes 50 percent of the project. This would facilitate contractors receiving their retainers in a more timely fashion. Many contractors are waiting as long as two years to receive the full amount of their retainer.

  • Mulroe supports students with disabilities

    mulroe 042718SPRINGFIELD – Legislation sponsored by State Senator John G. Mulroe (D-Chicago) to allow students with disabilities who attend a special needs cooperative school to continue their education even if their home district withdraws from the agreement recently sailed through the Senate.

    “Students with special needs who are thriving in their school should not be forced to change educational programs due to bureaucratic decisions,” Mulroe said. “I think continuity in education is vitally important to the development of all children.”

  • Harmon seeks to provide medical alternative to opioids

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