SB 1858

  • Aquino bill exempting health products from sales tax passes Senate

    Sen. Omar Aquino

    SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Omar Aquino’s (D-Chicago) bill exempting certain health products from the state sales tax passed the Illinois Senate this week.

    Senate Bill 1858 exempts male and female condoms, incontinence products, diapers and baby wipes from the state’s sales tax. Under the current law, these items are taxed at the same rate as luxury goods.

    “These are things that are taxed at a luxury tax rate of 6.25 percent,” said Aquino. “We’re proposing to have that reduced to one percent so that young families, like my own, can actually plan their families and purchase those things at a lower rate. That way, they can spend that money back into their community in other ways.”

    In 2016, the state repealed the sales tax on tampons and other feminine hygiene products for similar reasons. That bill passed the Senate and House unanimously and was signed by Gov. Rauner.

    Senate Bill 1858 now goes to the House for consideration.