Motor Fuel Tax

  • Senate Democrats to vote to keep your gas dollars in your community

    gastax 0616Millions of dollars in gas taxes that local motorists pay would be freed up in order to pay for local road projects and other needed construction. Those funds are part of a greater measure aimed at funding capital programs for IDOT, including road and transit, in a stopgap funding measure under consideration in the General Assembly this week.

    Of the $1.4 billion total funds in the proposal for IDOT Operations, $582.5 million comes from the Motor Fuel Tax fund. That money is deducted from every transaction at the gas pump and goes to pay for costs such as road salt, snowplow and other equipment repair, patching potholes and other road projects and maintenance that occurs on an annual basis.

  • Senate sends local funding measure to governor

    sb2039 passes

  • You pay at the pump, why is Springfield keeping your money?

    You pay at the pump, why is Springfield keeping your money?

  • Murphy calls for funding to be released to prevent possible property tax increase, layoffs

    murphy proptaxSPRINGFIELD- Nearly $583 million in funding for local governments is being held hostage due to the failure to negotiate a state budget by the legislative leaders and governor. As a result, many local governments are being forced to consider significant cuts or find new ways to generate tax dollars, such as a property tax increase. These funds, already collected by the Motor Fuel Tax, have no impact on the total state budget.

    To keep communities from being forced to take these drastic measures, a House panel today voted to release the funding. Former Des Plaines alderman and newly appointed State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines), supports the proposal.

    “Our communities should not be forced to raise property taxes or layoff police and firefighters because the leaders in Springfield cannot work together to solve the budget crisis they have created. As a former Des Plaines alderman, I know firsthand how important these funds are to our communities,” said Murphy.

    The legislation, House Bill 4305, also releases funding from special state funds to pay prizes for lottery winners and 9-1-1 operators. Similar to the Motor Fuel Tax, the funding has been collected through separate fees and taxes that do not impact the overall state budget.

    The proposal will now head to the full House for a vote.