The Majority Report 12/21/18 - Morrison: Bump stocks have no place on our streets


Morrison: Bump stocks have no place on our streets

Sen. Julie Morrison

A federal ban on bump stocks is long overdue, State Senator Julie Morrison said.

Morrison, a Deerfield Democrat, reacted after news that the U.S. Justice Department will ban bump stocks, which are devices used to increase the rate of fire of semiautomatic weapons, allowing them to fire nearly as fast as machine guns. A bump stock was used in the deadly 2017 Las Vegas shooting that killed 58 people attending a country music concert.

“(The) decision by the Justice Department is long overdue. Bump stocks have no place in our streets or in our communities. These devices were created for one purpose – to inflict as much human carnage as possible,” Morrison said.

According to the Justice Department’s announcement, bump stock owners will have 90 days after the new regulations are published in the Federal Register to either destroy or turn in their bump stock to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.


Castro has high hopes for new legislative watchdog

Sen. Cristina Castro

State Senator Cristina Castro expressed confidence in the next legislative inspector general, a former state’s attorney who was named to the post after a unanimous vote.

The Legislative Ethics Commission is recommending Carol Pope be appointed legislative inspector general.

“I am confident Judge Pope will fulfill her duties and meet our expectations as the legislative inspector general,” said Castro, an Elgin Democrat who sits on the commission. “She will bring her experience and knowledge to our commission and help us move forward and become stronger.”

Castro commended current Legislative Inspector General Julie Porter for the work she’s done.

“I want to thank her for her competence and determination thus far serving as our current legislative inspector general,” Castro said. ““I believe that with the help of Judge Pope, we will ensure that we hold people accountable when they need to be and protect those who need it.”


Bennett renews push for Vermilion County casino

Sen. Scott Bennett

State Senator Scott Bennett is renewing his commitment to ensuring that any state gaming expansion includes a facility in Danville.

“A Chicago casino cannot be a stand-alone proposal,” said Bennett, a Champaign Democrat. “Vermilion County is ideal ground for a facility to create jobs, fund local schools and become a draw for patrons from across the state border. I remain determined to including our region in a final gaming plan.”

Bennett stressed the need to act quickly to his Senate colleagues since gaming efforts are ramping up in Indiana.

“For a long time, the ink has dried on construction plans for Vermilion County,” Bennett said. “But Indiana’s competitive focus on gaming should be a signal to all of us to act quickly. There are great opportunities for economic growth in the area, if we can get to work with speed.”



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