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City of Zion deserves nuclear disposal impact fee: Bush (VIDEO)

City of Zion deserves nuclear disposal impact fee: Bush (VIDEO)"Cities should have the power to collect an impact fee if a company stores its nuclear waste in their community," State Senator Bush (D-Grayslake) said. "Zion was a partner in welcoming the nuclear plant. But now that the plant and the jobs are gone, the utility company needs to be a good neighbor and a positive force in the community. I want to give local governments the ability to hold companies accountable for the impact of leaving nuclear waste behind."

Zion is the site of the decommissioned Zion Nuclear Power Station, owned by Exelon, which closed the facility in 1998. The facility stores spent nuclear fuel from the plant and is currently undergoing a long decommissioning process. In the wake of the plant's closure, Zion lost an estimated 55 percent of its property tax revenue. Even with property tax increases, the community has yet to make up the huge hole left in its budget. Due to the land's use as a waste disposal site, options for redevelopment are extremely limited.

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Senate hearing finds proposed cuts would devastate Southern Illinois economy

Senate hearing finds proposed cuts would devastate Southern Illinois economyThe Illinois State Senate held a joint Appropriations I and II Committee hearing this week to collect testimony about the impact the governor's proposed budget cuts would have on Southern Illinois' economy. Representatives from Southern Illinois University, local health care organizations and the cities of Marion and Carbondale attended to speak about the drastic cuts they will be forced to make if the proposed budget plan is enacted.

Under the current proposal, area hospitals like Harrisburg Medical Center could be forced to close and lay off all 449 full-time equivalent employees. Other local hospitals may also be forced to close, leaving area residents in "health care deserts", nearly 30 miles from the nearest hospital.

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Environment & Conservation members visit Argonne

Environment & Conservation members visit ArgonneLast week, several members of the Senate's Environment and Conservation Committee visited Argonne National Laboratory, one of the world's top scientific research facilities.

Located in the western suburbs of Chicago, it is the United States' oldest national laboratory and the largest in the Midwest. At Argonne, dream teams of scientists from across the globe gather to research scientific discoveries and create innovative new technologies that shape our understanding of the universe and have a major impact on our daily lives.

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Don't evict victims because of abusers, Hutchinson says

Don't evict victims because of abusers, Hutchinson saysVictims of domestic and sexual assault who contact authorities for help will not have to worry about losing their home under a proposal that passed the Senate Judiciary Committee recently.

"The last thing a survivor of a traumatic assault needs to worry about is the threat of eviction by simply calling the police for help," sponsor State Senator Toi Hutchinson (D - Chicago Heights) said.

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