Senate Latino Caucus condemns Dwight immigrant detention center plan

ICE 031219 2 SPRINGFIELD - Dwight village trustees voted Monday to annex 88 acres for a federal immigrant detention center that would be managed by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Senate Latino Caucus members responded to the vote with the following statements:

“It is disgusting that the village trustees value construction jobs over the human rights of immigrants. ICE has consistently violated human rights to carry out the president’s racist agenda of deporting immigrants of color, and they are not welcome to carry out that agenda in my state,” said Latino Caucus Co-Chair Omar Aquino (D-Chicago).

“The decision by the Village of Dwight is shameful as we see report after report of abuse and inhumane treatment of undocumented people in these type of detention centers. It’s wrong to support an endeavor that will stand on racism and anti-immigrant policies from the Trump administration,” said Assistant Majority Leader Tony Munoz (D-Chicago).

“The creation of this new detention center is a manifestation of the racist, anti-immigrant rhetoric that has taken hold in our country over the past few years. This detention center, which would be run by a for-profit company, is yet another example of the way in which billionaires and far-right politicians are stoking fear of immigrants for their own personal gain,” said State Senator Martin A. Sandoval (D-Chicago).

“The decision to move forward with building a federal detention center in Dwight is atrocious. Private prison companies are only interested in one thing: profits. This single motivator is what has led to the mistreatment of so many immigrants in these detention centers across the country. It is morally wrong,” said State Senator Cristina Castro (D-Elgin).

The $20 million detention center would be near Illinois 17 and Interstate 55. Village trustees approved annexing the property there with a 5-2 vote.

About 300 people attended the meeting, including a number of protesters who marched from the Amtrak station to Dwight High School where the meeting was held.