Senate honors Raoul as he prepares to become next Illinois attorney general

raoul 112818

The Illinois Senate honored Senator Kwame Raoul’s 14 years in office today with a resolution celebrating his service as he prepares to take the next step in his journey as Attorney General of Illinois.

Raoul came to the Senate in 2004 when he was appointed to fill the seat vacated by then-Senator Barack Obama.

Over the next decade and a half, Raoul grew to be a leader in the Senate, a trusted negotiator, someone willing to work across the aisle and never shy away from a difficult issue. He gained a reputation as someone who could handle difficult negotiations, from workers’ compensation reform to redistricting to one of the most contentious legislative issues in recent memory: comprehensive public employee pension reform.

Among Raoul’s numerous accomplishments in the Senate are legislation abolishing the death penalty, passing comprehensive criminal justice reform measures, securing the passage of the Illinois Voting Rights Act and fighting for affordable and quality health care.

Raoul’s colleagues on both sides of the aisle wished him luck in his new role as Attorney General.