Bush’s measure to expose gender-based price discrimination becomes law

Sen. Melinda Bush

SPRINGFIELD – Senator Melinda Bush’s (D-Grayslake) measure to increase transparency in pricing among service providers and expose gender-based price discrimination was signed into law today.

Senate Bill 298 requires hair salons, barbers, dry cleaners and tailors to provide customers with a price list for services upon request, giving consumers the resources necessary to make educated choices when deciding which businesses to frequent.

“Women have been unfairly charged more than men for the same services for far too long,” Bush said. “Transparent pricing among service providers will help women know whether they are getting a fair deal for services.”

Dry cleaners, barbers and tailors have frequently been examined in studies on gender-based pricing and have been found to charge women more than men for the same services.

“My hope is that this new law will make service providers take a second look at their prices and charge women more fairly,” Bush said.

Last year, Senator Bush’s “pink tax” legislation repealed sales tax on feminine hygiene products. This latest measure builds on Senator Bush’s work to remove economic barriers for Illinois women.

Senate Bill 298 takes effect on January 1, 2018.