Trotter breaks down Chicago ‘bailout’ misconception

trotter chi2nite 072517

SPRINGFIELD – Sen. Donne Trotter is breaking down the misconception that Senate Bill 1, the education funding reform legislation, includes a bail out for Chicago schools.

“We as taxpayers fund our schools throughout the state at a rate of $4.68 billion; one billion of those dollars come from the taxpayers of the City of Chicago, but to get a pension plan for our school teachers in the City of Chicago we also have to pay again through our property taxes. We the taxpayers of Chicago are being taxed twice to pay for educating our children,” said Trotter.

The state pays for pension benefits for every school district except Chicago. Chicago taxpayers have to pay for Chicago teacher pensions. They do that through local taxes, but also pay for downstate and suburban teacher pensions through state taxes.

Illinois’ worst-in-the-nation education funding formula has been in place for decades. SB1 provides necessary fair funding to all public schools, not just CPS.

Lawmakers would like the leaders to have a discussion with Gov. Rauner about how to fund Illinois schools.

“Our leaders would like to sit down and talk, and let’s mitigate whatever these problems are, or the issues,” said Trotter.

SB1 would become effective immediately with the governor’s signature.

Trotter’s appearance on WTTW: