Collins’ violence prevention measures become law

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CHICAGO – New anti-violence programs focused around community trauma centers will aim to address the destructive effects of gun violence now that a measure co-sponsored by State Sen. Jacqueline Collins has been signed into law.

“This is a comprehensive approach to addressing the trauma that stems from violence in our communities, and I congratulate Senator Kwame Raoul on his tireless work in carrying it through the Senate,” Collins said. “To break the cycle of violence, we must eliminate the causes.”

The legislation tasks the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority with assisting in the implementation of trauma recovery services for violent crime victims in underserved communities with high-levels of violent crime. Programs would tackle problems like behavioral health treatment, financial recovery, family support and relocation assistance, and advice for navigating the legal system.

“Like deep roots, the effects of violence spread out and underlie many aspects of victims’ lives in ways that are hard to see unless you look beneath the surface,” Collins said. “The programs we hope to see arise out of this initiative are aimed at destroying the roots of this vicious system.”

The legislation was Senate Bill 2872 in the 99th General Assembly.