Senate Democrats invest in middle-class families

Senate Democrats invest in middle-class families

Every year, thousands of Illinois students take advantage of the Monetary Award Program (MAP) to help pay for the opportunity for higher education. The average student that is awarded a MAP grant receives about $2,700 to help pay for tuition. As college costs continue to skyrocket in Illinois, these grants are vital to many students’ college careers.

This year, however, due to the ongoing budget stalemate, the state has yet to invest funding in MAP grants. Senate Democrats passed legislation today sponsored by Senator Dan Kotowski (D - Park Ridge) to ensure these students receive funding.

"Each year, over 125,000 students in Illinois take advantage of MAP grants to help finance their college education, and with tuition costs on the rise, these grants are vital to many students' futures," said Kotowski. "If we fail to make this investment, we fail 125,000 leaders of tomorrow."

The proposal, contained in Senate Bill 2043, calls for $374 million in MAP grant funding, the same amount proposed by Governor Rauner earlier this year.

"The program works: students who receive MAP grants graduate at the same rate as those that have the benefit of more financial resources, giving grant recipients an opportunity to achieve the American dream," said Kotowski. "I strongly encourage my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to invest in these students and the economic future of Illinois."

Kotowski’s legislation passed the Senate with a vote of 37-0-14.