Biss demands clarity on state payments from Comptroller's Office

biss munger

CHICAGO -- Illinois State Senator Daniel Biss (D-Evanston), sent the following letter to Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger's office requesting information regarding state payments to vendors and service providers. The request comes in light of recent threats that the state may be held in violation of court orders for not paying bills owed to programs serving persons with disabilities.

"As chairman of the Senate committee on Human Services, I want to make sure we fully understand who is being served and who is being left out during this budget impasse," said Sen. Biss. "Committee members, and all Illinois taxpayers, deserve complete transparency on what payments are being made and who is making these decisions and why. Vulnerable people are at risk, and we need to know about it."

biss munger letterRead the full letter with Biss' specific questions about how payments are being processed: