Senate Democrats move to protect more than $5 billion in federal funding

Senate Democrats move to protect more than $5 billion in federal funding

Housing and support services for homeless veterans, health care for rural residents and home-delivered meals for seniors are just a few of the many programs Illinois agencies administer with federal funding. While many of them receive no state funding, the current state budget impasse has meant their federal funding has not been administered.

Senate Democrats led a proposal through the Senate today to address the situation. Senate Bill 2042 allows nearly $5 billion in federal money to be spent on a range of programs and services targeted to working families and many of the state’s most vulnerable populations. The amount of funding contained in the proposal matches the governor’s introduced budget plan.

Many local agencies have already begun feeling the effects of not receiving their federal funding. Last week, the Clyde C. Jordan Senior Center in East St. Louis announced they would no longer be able to administer the Meals on Wheels program, affecting hundreds of seniors in the area. Nearly $180 million in federal funding to help disabled individuals live independently in the community, which costs less than institutionalized care, is also contained in the proposal.

Senate Bill 2042 passed on a bipartisan 57-0 vote and heads to the Illinois House for their consideration.