Severe Weather Preparedness MonthMarch is Severe Weather Preparedness Month. Illinois is no stranger to severe weather, so whether it be tornadoes, flooding or thunderstorms, make sure you are prepared for the worst.

What severe weather can happen in my area?

The first step to preparedness is knowing what kind of severe weather can happen in your area. Severe weather in Illinois can take on a wide variety of forms. Visit the Weather Channel's severe weather alerts to see live updates in your county.

Tornado preparedness

  • Identify a safe location such as a crawl space, basement or a small, interior room with no windows.
  • Keep your head covered.
  • Use a battery powered radio to listen for updates.

Flood preparedness

  • Evacuate immediately if told, and keep emergency supplies together in an easily accessible place.
  • Food, bottled water, flashlight, blankets, medications, pet supplies.
  • NEVER drive in flood waters.
  • Only one foot of water can sweep your car away and you can never tell how deep the water really is.
  • Know a way to get to the highest point in a building.
  • Do NOT take refuge in a closed attic, as you may be trapped by rising water.

Severe thunderstorm preparedness

  • Stay indoors when you can hear thunder or see lightning.
  • Use a battery powered radio to listen for updates.
  • Secure outdoor furniture.
  • Unplug all electronic devices and appliances.

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