Villivalam commends House approval of minimum wage increase

villivalam 021519SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois House today approved a measure that will gradually increase the minimum wage in Illinois to $15 an hour.

“I’m thankful that the House followed the Senate's lead in moving this vital legislation forward," said Villivalam (D-Chicago). "This legislation will provide working people with a sense of dignity, fairness, and stability in everyday life. Furthermore, it will allow working families to spend money on things they need, which results in a boost to our local economies."

This legislation is the result of the hard work and collaboration of a wide range of stakeholders. It includes tax credits for small businesses while putting 1.4 million workers on a path to a living wage. Labor organizations and business groups, such the Illinois Restaurant Association, are in support.

Senate Bill 1 will be phased in over six years to provide businesses time to adapt to a new minimum wage in Illinois.

SB 1 will raise the minimum wage to:

  •             $9.25 per hour from Jan. 1, 2020, to June 30, 2020
  •             $10 per hour from July 1, 2020, to Dec. 31, 2020
  •             $11 per hour from Jan. 1, 2021, to Dec. 31, 2021
  •             $12 per hour from Jan. 1, 2022, to Dec. 31, 2022
  •             $13 per hour from Jan. 1, 2023, to Dec. 31, 2023
  •             $14 per hour from Jan. 1, 2024, to Dec. 31, 2024
  •             $15 per hour on and after Jan. 1, 2025

The bill now goes to the governor’s desk to be signed.

Sen. Ram Villivalam

Sen. Ram Villivalam

8th District

Years served: 2019–Present

Committee assignments: Appropriations I; Appropriations II; Education; Human Services; Labor; Transportation (Chairperson); Subcommittee on Capital (TR); Supplier Diversity, Special Com. On (Chairperson); Pension Investments Special Com. On.

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John C. D'Amico
Yehiel M. Kalish