Tom Cullerton tells College of DuPage, “Stop infighting”

tc civics 53015VILLA PARK- Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) released an open letter to students, faculty and DuPage County taxpayers calling on the College of DuPage’s board to quit its infighting and find a way to work together through the use of a third-party mediator.

“In Springfield, we were able to set our differences aside to negotiate a bipartisan compromise to release gas tax money to local municipalities,” said Cullerton. “If we can work together, so can you.”

This week, the College of DuPage board refused to meet, fueling an impasse. The board was unable to conduct college business, such as discussing new hires and academic programs.

“The students, faculty and tax payers of DuPage County deserve better,” said Cullerton. “The College of DuPage is a tremendous resource to our community. We need a third-party mediator to move us in the right direction to rehabilitate the public image of this fine institution.”

Letter is attached.

Tom Cullerton leads compromise to get local taxpayers’ money


SPRINGFIELD- DuPage County residents may soon have millions of dollars going back in their communities to keep their roads safe, local health departments operating and provide energy assistance to seniors.

State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park), sponsor of Senate Bill 2039, led efforts to get local money back to the people of Illinois.

“The key point is that this gets local money back in local hands where it can do some good,” said Cullerton.

The Senate concurred on SB 2039, a bipartisan compromise that, among other things, gets millions in gas tax money back in local communities. That money had been stalled in Springfield since July 1 because of the budget stalemate with the governor.

That gas tax money totals millions of dollars for area communities. For instance, last year, Villa Park received $542,276 and local governments across all of DuPage County received more than $33.5 million last year.

“My interest as a former mayor is to make sure our local governments have what they need to keep our communities safe and services running,” said Cullerton. “This is a step in the right direction. I’ll continue to work with the General Assembly and governor to reach a compromise and put a responsible budget in place.”

SB 2039 passed the Senate and House with bipartisan support and now moves to the governor for approval.  

Tom Cullerton secures grant for St. Paul Outreach

TC att stpaul grantVILLA PARK- To help give more children access to quality child care, State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) nominated St. Paul Outreach, Inc. for the AT&T* “Investing in Illinois Award” for its nonprofit work.

“St. Paul Outreach is improving the lives of families throughout our district,” Cullerton said. “It’s important to make investments in organizations that have proven to strengthen our communities and enrich the lives of our children.”

St. Paul Outreach, Inc. will receive $2,000 from AT&T to be used to support its scholarship program. The AT&T Investing in Illinois Awards provides resources and recognition to organizations and programs that improve lives in their communities and the state. They’re advancing education, economic growth, new technologies and other essential community services.

PHOTO: State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) and State Representative Deb Conroy (D-Villa Park), presented a $2,000 grant check to  Sarah Friel, Debbie Lake and Karen Egan, representatives from St. Paul Outreach and Villa Park Village President Deborah Bullwinkel

Tom Cullerton leads the charge to streamline local government

tc sandack dupageVILLA PARK- In order to provide taxpayers with smaller and more efficient local government State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) crafted legislation to allow the DuPage County Board to dissolve many appointed positions.

DuPage County is projected to save taxpayers more than $100 million over the next 20 years. To spread the success of this legislation, Cullerton lead the charge this week at Transform Illinois.

“DuPage County has been a leader in government consolidation by creating a model for other communities to embrace to save Illinois taxpayer dollars,” said Cullerton. “It’s important for us to continue this collaboration to spread the success in DuPage County across the state.”

Transform Illinois is a collaboration between local elected officials, civic organizations and research institutions dedicated to promoting and supporting local government efficiency efforts. Cullerton says the meeting was productive and brought community leaders from all levels of government to the table.

“These conversations are vital to streamlining and increasing efficiency at all levels of government,” said Cullerton. “Illinois has over 7,000 government entities that were developed decades ago. It’s important that we make sure government evolves with our needs in mind.”

Transform Illinois is committed to better coordinating research, advocacy, legislation and policy implementation activities that will improve the effectiveness of government service delivery in Illinois.

PHOTO: Representative Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove), DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin and State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) participated in a vital discussion at Transform Illinois to save taxpayer dollars and streamline government services. 

Sen. Tom Cullerton


23rd Legislative District

Years served: 2013 - Present

Committee assignments: Energy and Public Utilities; Insurance; Labor; State Government; Transportation; Veterans Affairs (Chairperson); Sub. on Utility Rate Regulations (Sub-Chairperson).

Biography: Born Sept. 20, 1969; studied at the University of Kansas; former village president and trustee of Villa Park; married (wife Stacey), three sons.

Associated Representatives:
Deb Conroy
Diane Pappas