Sandoval: We must exercise rights to defend against attacks on Constitution

sandoval 062018State Senator Martin A. Sandoval (D-Chicago) released the following response to President Trump’s announcement that he would disregard the U.S. Constitution:

“An ever-outraged base is key to the president’s political survival, and our purported leader has shown once again today that the United States Constitution is but a speed bump in his effort to sow discord and anger.

“His most recent announcement is that he will remove the birthright of citizenship to persons born in the United States of America whose parents are not citizens – people like me.

“I’d love to ignore it, because responses in packaged ‘statements’ like these are the type of fare the president expects and desires when he speaks inflammatorily about people that don’t look like those who fill the rooms at his rallies.

“But I can’t ignore it, because in this month alone, black people were killed for being black, Jews were killed for being Jewish and more than a dozen bombs were shipped across the country to the people Trump has elevated as sub-human adversaries for his political gain.

“There’s real danger in America; in places of worship, in grocery stores, in newsrooms and in schools. Yet our president is marching thousands of military troops to the border to address a nebulous threat of people he believes dangerous not because of any prior actions but because of the color of their skin.

“This announcement is but another attempt from the president to narrow the definition of ‘American’ and to rile up the extremists that find refuge for their hate in the party of Trump.

“We’re better than this as Americans, and I encourage everyone to utilize their sacred Constitutional rights in the coming weeks and years to guarantee our founding document is not lost forever because of one man’s knack for manufacturing outrage.”

Sen. Martin A. Sandoval

11th District

Years served: 2003 - 2019

Committee assignments: Energy and Public Utilities; Higher Education; Licensed Activities; Transportation (Chairperson); Subcommittee on Capital (Sub-Chairperson).

Biography: Full-time state legislator, born in The Back of the Yards, graduate of Loyola University in Chicago where he earned a Bachelor's of Science in psychology; married (wife, Marina) has three children.

Associated Representatives:
Michael J. Madigan
Celina Villanueva