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Morrison tours Wheeling manufacturing facilities

Senator Julie Morrison tours Wieland Metals in WheelingSPRINGFIELD – State Senator Julie Morrison (D – Deerfield) joined Wheeling Village President Patrick Horcher earlier this week in touring three Wheeling manufacturing facilities.

“Manufacturing is a major industry in the area, with hundreds of local residents working in the field,” Morrison said. “As a state legislator, I believe it’s important to talk to local employers and make sure the state is doing everything possible to attract and retain good businesses like these.”

Morrison passes plan increasing financial disclosure by politicians

morrison050517SPRINGFIELD – A plan by State Senator Julie Morrison (D – Deerfield) that would increase transparency and modernize financial disclosure forms filled out by politicians, judges and certain state employees passed the Senate this morning.

“Our current financial disclosure process is antiquated and not built to properly disclose vital information that is the purpose behind this process,” Morrison said. “Taxpayers should be assured that their lawmakers are operating under the highest levels of ethics and transparency.”

Morrison’s plan, contained in Senate Bill 1289, updates the Statement of Economic Interest form, a financial disclosure form meant to increase transparency among elected officials and state employees involved with bidding and state contracts. The form has undergone few changes since it was enacted in 1972.

Senate Bill 1289 would increase financial disclosure of investment real estate, certain financial assets, additional income, debts and economic relationships with individuals or companies. The bill also requires disclosure of any immediate family members registered to lobby in Illinois.

Senate Bill 1289 passed the Senate on Friday without opposition and now heads to the Illinois House for further debate.

Morrison passes plan to simplify property tax appeals

PropertyTaxBillSPRINGFIELD – For many homeowners or commercial property owners who appeal their property tax assessments, the complexity of the overall process can be daunting. 

State Senator Julie Morrison (D – Deerfield) passed a plan out of the Senate today that would streamline the appeals process and lower the often excessive wait times faced by many who file appeals.

“Rising property taxes continue to be one of the biggest concerns facing residents in my district,” Morrison said. “Instead of making appeals more burdensome and difficult to utilize, we must simplify the process and make it easy to navigate for homeowners.”

Senate Bill 609 would allow homeowners to combine multiple-year appeals of their property assessments within the same assessment period. Currently, homeowners must appeal an assessment every year. With long wait times at the Property Tax Appeal Board, many homeowners are forced to file each subsequent year’s appeal separately after they win the initial appeal.

Senate Bill 609 passed the Senate this afternoon without opposition and now heads to the Illinois House for further debate.

Morrison: Eliminate state restrictions on local government consolidation

morrison 022817SPRINGFIELD – A plan that would eliminate state restrictions on local government consolidation efforts passed the Illinois Senate today. State Senator Julie Morrison (D – Deerfield) helped craft the proposal, which includes several initiatives aimed at making it easier for the consolidation of townships and the services they provide.

“For too long, the state of Illinois has stood in the way of common-sense efforts to bring more efficiencies to local government,” Morrison said. “Local governmental bodies and the residents they serve must have the ability to make decisions that are in the best interests of taxpayers.”

Senate Bill 3 expands the ability of townships to consolidate and create greater efficiencies for taxpayers. The plan allows adjacent townships to merge, allows townships to take over the duties of smaller township road districts, removes the current cap on township size and allows voters to approve for the dissolution of townships that are coterminous with a municipality.

The proposal would also allow all counties in Illinois to dissolve local governments that have governing boards appointed by the county. Currently, state law allows only DuPage, Lake and McHenry counties to consolidate local governmental bodies.

Senate Bill 3 passed the Senate this afternoon on a 43-14 vote.

Sen. Julie Morrison

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29th Legislative District

Years served: 2013 - Present

Committee assignments: Agriculture; Environment and Conservation; Human Services (Chairperson); Public Health (Vice-Chairperson); Transportation.

Biography: Born in Beardstown; received a bachelor's degree from Knox College; served as supervisor of West Deerfield Township, married to husband Joe with three grown children.

Associated Representatives:
Jonathan Carroll
Bob Morgan