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Hastings urges federal leaders to stand up against attack on net neutrality

net neutralityTINLEY PARK- State Senator Michael Hastings (D-Tinley Park) has joined the fight to keep federal net neutrality rules in place.

Hastings filed Senate Resolution 1117 which urges President Donald Trump and members of the United States Congress to continue to protect net neutrality and open internet access.

“Big money utility companies should not have the power to obstruct our access to information,” Hastings said. “I will not stand by as Trump’s administration continues its attacks on our democracy and freedom.

Too many of our nation’s heroes have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the United States Constitution and ensure we have the freedoms we enjoy.”

Supporters of net neutrality argue that rules that took effect in 2015 are the only thing standing between greedy utility companies and impaired internet use such as throttled traffic, expensive "fast lanes" and completely blocked sites that displease corporate entities would have full control over information transmitted into homes or business.

On Black Friday, over 200 companies such as Twitter, Pinterest and Airbnb signed a letter warning FCC Chairman Ajit Pai not to roll back net neutrality. The letter states that record Black Friday sales are "a testament to the power of the free and open internet to encourage entrepreneurship, drive innovation, make our lives easier, and to support a healthy economy."

“Our nation is built on the American dream,” Hastings said. “Ending net neutrality opens the possibility that Illinois businesses would have to pay a toll just to reach customers. These new rules could impede on the economic growth of small and medium sized businesses and new innovative start-ups across Illinois.”

A poll released this year by Politico and Morning Consult showed that 60 percent of registered voters support the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) current net neutrality rules.

“Net neutrality should not be a partisan issue,” Hastings said. “Access to information is a democratic value that the citizens of Illinois cherish and value. It’s our duty to work together to stand up against this injustice and urge our federally elected officials to do the same.”

Hastings looks forward to future hearings and discussions addressing net neutrality during the legislative session.

Sen. Michael E. Hastings

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19th Legislative District

Years served: 2012 - Present

Committee assignments: Commerce and Economic Development; Energy and Public Utilities; Executive Appointments; Executive (Chairperson); Insurance; Judiciary; Subcommittee on Election Law; Subcommittee on Gaming.

Biography: Born October 6th, 1980, in Orland Hills; B.S. in Leadership and Management, Civil Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point, M.S., Business Administration, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign; former US Army Captain; Bronze Star recipient; former trustee and vice president for High School District 230.

Associated Representatives:
Margo McDermed
Debbie Meyers-Martin