Harris creates process for residency appeals

harris 040516SPRINGFIELD- When a school board determines a student is a nonresident of a district, parents seeking to appeal a school board’s decision are faced with the financial burden of taking the issue to an appeals court, making it difficult for parents to afford the process.

Under a plan which was approved in the Senate today, parents could soon have an affordable avenue for appealing student residency issues. House Bill 4606 provides a process for appealing the decision of a school board to the regional superintendent of schools for decisions of student residency.

“Parents deserve to have their voices heard in this kind of situation,” State Senator Napoleon Harris III (D-Harvey) said. “Taking residency issues to an appeals court is too costly for families who may face this circumstance. We’re creating a fair process for both the student and the school district.”

Furthermore, the legislation requires a school board to give specific reasons why the board believes a student is a nonresident of a school district. 

The legislation now heads to the governor for consideration.

Harris: Subcontractors should be paid on time

harris 052316SPRINGFIELD- Small businesses may soon have better opportunities at acquiring and maintaining contracts with the Illinois Department of Transportation, thanks to a proposal the legislators approved Thursday.

House Bill 4477, which passed the Senate 56-0, requires contracts using the services of a subcontractor to include terms for making advanced payments to the subcontractor for preliminary spending purposes, such as purchasing tools and machinery for a project.

“The goal is to promote small business participation in state contracts,” State Senator Napoleon Harris (D-Harvey) said. “Subcontractors are often in a position where they’re waiting far too long for a payment. That’s unacceptable.”

Small contracting firms struggle to take on subcontracts due to payment delays from prime contractors. Mobilization payments to a subcontractor would be based on the total value of the subcontract on a tiered scale.

The legislation was approved in both chambers and will head to the governor.

Harris proposal creates process for student residency hearings

harris 051116SPRINGFIELD- Parents seeking to appeal a school board for decisions of student residency could soon have an avenue to do so under a plan approved in committee Tuesday.

The plan, which passed the Senate Education Committee, would provide a due process for a student enrolled in a district who is determined to be a nonresident by a school district.

“Not many parents can afford to take residency issues to an appeals court,” said State Senator Napoleon Harris III (D-Harvey). “This legislation creates an easier, costless process for families who deserve the opportunity to have their voices heard.”

Students attending a public school who are found to be nonresidents have to pay tuition to the school. Under provisions made by House Bill 4606, a person notified by a board of regional superintendents to pay tuition will have the right to request a hearing with the board and prove their residency.

The measure now moves to the full Senate for consideration.

Harris backs plan to bring resources to struggling local schools

harris 040516State Senator Napoleon Harris (D-Harvey) released the following statement in support of Senator Andy Manar’s education funding reform legislation, Senate Bill 231:

“Our kids throughout Chicago and the South Suburbs are facing some tough issues because of where they live, and receiving a quality education shouldn’t be one of them. Thanks to Senator Manar’s initiative, we have the opportunity to open doors for them and all children living in low-income communities by providing more resources to schools who are most in need. Most would agree that education is the gateway to opportunity, and every child deserves a chance to reach their full potential. I look forward to alleviating some of the disparities created within our current system.”

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