Haine will vote to keep road projects going, workers on the job

haine vetloanALTON – A plan to fully fund the Illinois Department of Transportation’s capital program for road and transit will be heard before the Senate Wednesday.

State Senator Bill Haine (D-Alton) said he plans to fully support the legislation.

“It is imperative these construction programs continue,” said Haine. “Not only do these projects insure we have a sophisticated and proper infrastructure, but they also provide jobs for men and women throughout the state.”

Earlier this month IDOT announced it would cease all road construction projects July 1 due to the lack of state funding. The measure, Senate Bill 2047, would ensure that road construction continues.

Haine has been a strong advocate for ensuring such funds continue to be a priority of the state. In May, Haine passed a Constitutional Amendment through the Senate that would ensure governors could not raid the road fund and spend the money elsewhere. 

“This is of great importance to downstate Illinois,” Haine added. “Our roads, bridges and highways are what allow us to conduct commerce and get from place to place. Without a strong infrastructure, Illinois cannot move forward.”

Senate Bill 2047 would also include payments to local governments from taxes on gas that are used for the maintenance of roads and infrastructure.

The legislation is currently in the House, but is expected to come before the full Senate when the General Assembly reconvenes on Wednesday, June 29.

Sen. William R. Haine

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Assistant Majority Leader
56th District

Years served:
2002 - 2018

Committee assignments: Criminal Law; Insurance (Vice-Chairperson); Judiciary; Licensed Activities and Pensions; Veterans Affairs.

Biography: Born 8 August 1944, in Alton, Illinois. United States Army Veteran; one tour of duty, Vietnam (1967-69); Bachelors Degree, St. Louis University (1967); Juris Doctorate, St. Louis University School of Law (1974). Member, Madison County Board (1978, 1982-86); Metro-East Transit District Board of Trustees (1981-88); Madison County State's Attorney (1988-2002). Wife, Anna, 7 children, 31 grandchildren.