Senate approves Ellman’s plan for scholarships for non-traditional trade students

ellman 051019NAPERVILLE – Non-traditional students pursuing vocational training would be eligible for a new scholarship program under legislation from State Senator Laura Ellman (D-Naperville).

“Let’s encourage more students, especially later in life, to take advantage of our trade schools by taking the financial burden off of their shoulders,” Ellman said. “This scholarship gives opportunity to those who are seeking new jobs thus fueling our markets and economy.”


The legislation establishes an Adult Vocational Community College Scholarship Program, run by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. To be eligible, a student must be over the age of 30 and unemployed but actively searching for work.

The scholarship would be enough to cover the cost of tuition and fees to attend the community college without exceeding $2,000 per recipient per academic year.

Senate Bill 1167 passed in the Senate this afternoon and will now go to the House for consideration.

Sen. Laura Ellman

Sen. Laura Ellman

21st District

Years served: 2019–Present

Committee assignments: Agriculture; Appropriations I; Energy and Public Utilities; Government Accountability/Pensions; Higher Education (Vice-Chairperson); Veterans Affairs.

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