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  • Cullerton cites Radogno's cooperation, professionalism

    jjc cr CST 0117SPRINGFIELD -- Illinois Senate President John J. Cullerton issued the following statement regarding the pending retirement of his colleague and friend Republican Leader Christine Radogno.

    She and I began as Senate leaders on the same day. We started our relationship in those roles by voting for each other. We then turned our attention to the impeachment trial. We followed that up with a long-overdue, bipartisan agreement on investing in roads, bridges, schools and other infrastructure.

  • Senator Trotter clips Radogno toenail metaphor

    trotter narcanSenate Republican Leader Christine Radogno’s use of toenail health as a metaphor for Illinois’ economic condition this week was curious considering she twice voted against providing podiatry care to those desperately in need of it.

    Perhaps not the prettiest of images, but she’s not wrong in turning to podiatry to illustrate her point. As she said, you can’t just slap a couple of Band-Aids on a patient suffering from rampant infection.

    In the real world, that patient may be an elderly woman with diabetes. For her, a discolored toenail left untreated becomes an urgent medical condition with serious health and financial costs.

    While accurate, it is ironic that Leader Radogno would invoke podiatry services as an example of comprehensive wellness since she didn’t support funding for podiatry services in the state budget. She voted against giving children access to podiatry care, and she voted against letting the poor and disabled have access to podiatry care.

    I hope Leader Radogno’s comments this week signify a turnaround in her thinking and a newfound recognition of the vital role of podiatry in maintaining health and preventing expensive emergency care down the road.

    -- Senator Donne E. Trotter is a Chicago Democrat and leading advocate for funding podiatry services.