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  • monarchProposal will be first under new universal specialty plate law

    SPRINGFIELD — To create a program to preserve the monarch butterfly in Illinois, State Sen. Melinda Bush put forth a proposal that would create a new butterfly-themed specialty license plate sticker.

    “What we propose is fairly straightforward: The monarch butterfly needs milkweed plants to lay its eggs and feed itself, and our highway medians are the perfect place to cultivate them,” Bush said. “This lets drivers pledge their support toward preserving our state insect by giving them a little home that’s easy to reach by wing and hard to disturb on foot.”

    The monarch population in Illinois has decreased 90 percent in the past 20 years due to changes in the creatures’ natural habitat.

    A different law passed recently requires new specialty license plates to adhere to a standardized system to make recording plate numbers easier for law enforcement officers. If enacted, the new monarch plate stickers would be the first under that reimagined system.

    “This proposal works in concert with new rules called for by the men and women who patrol our roads and it makes efficient use of our median strips to help preserve an important part and lovely part of our ecosystem,” Bush said. “I urge all my colleagues to support this innovative solution.”

    The legislation is Senate Bill 2882. It passed out of committee yesterday and will be considered before the full Senate.