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  • Aquino expresses support for Noble Charter School teacher unionization

    Senator Omar AquinoSPRINGFIELD – State Sen. Omar Aquino, D-Chicago, expressed his support for a group of Noble Charter Schools teachers in their effort to unionize. A number of Noble staffers recently signed an open letter asking the administration not to interfere with union organizing.

    “Hundreds of families in the 2nd district are served by the seven Noble schools in the area. It is very important that the Noble Charter Schools board does not interfere with unionization efforts,” Aquino said. “Noble Charter Schools negotiates contracts with Chicago Public Schools. It seems fair to me that the teachers should be allowed to collectively bargain for a contract with their employer.”

    Last Friday, over 130 Noble Charter School teachers signed an open letter asking the administration not to interfere with unionization efforts. With 12,000 students enrolled at 17 campuses around the city, Noble is Chicago’s largest charter school network. If they organize, Noble teachers will form the largest union of charter school teachers in the country. The teachers are organizing for more job stability, better teacher retention and a greater voice in network decisions.

    “I believe that unionization is the right choice for Noble Charter Schools,” Aquino said. “When teachers are brought to the table and given a voice, the quality of education improves. Out of respect for these workers, I call on Noble Charter School Network Superintendent Michael Milkie to keep his promise and stay out of the union’s organizing efforts. I believe that every person has the right to organize with their coworkers for better working conditions.”

    If formed, the Union of Noble Educators would join Chicago ACTS Local 4343, which represents over a dozen Chicagoland charter schools. Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, State Sen. Daniel Biss and Chicago Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa have already expressed their support for the teachers’ ongoing efforts to organize.

  • Aquino questions Rauner's budget commitment to immigrants

    aquino 021717SPRINGFIELD – In a recent Senate budget hearing, State Sen. Omar Aquino, D-Chicago, questioned Illinois State Budget Director Scott Harry. Sen. Aquino focused his questions on the elimination of state funding for immigration programs.

    “Did he have any conversations with the Trump Administration or the president? There’s no funding for immigration services within the Department of Human Services,” Aquino said. “It seems to be maybe a coincidence - if they haven’t had conversations - that you’re eliminating or potentially eliminating immigrant and refugee services at this time, especially considering what’s going on nationally.”

    Responding to Aquino’s questions, Scott Harry said that he did not know whether Governor Rauner had spoken with the Trump Administration and that the reductions in funding for immigration programs “are the same reductions that were introduced in the governor’s fiscal year 2016 budget.”

    The governor’s budget proposal does not fund immigrant-focused programs that previous budgets have funded. The proposal would eliminate $5.9 million in funding for immigrant integration services as well as $1.5 million for welcoming centers.

    “We must fight against Trump's hateful, divisive immigration policy wherever it exists,” Aquino said.

  • Aquino shocked by disorganization in state human services

    aquino 040417SPRINGFIELD — With no information available on how proposed program cuts will affect the state’s black and Latino communities, State Sen. Omar Aquino expressed disappointment with an incomplete budget plan for Gov. Bruce Rauner’s Department of Human Services.

    In an Illinois Senate committee hearing, State Sen. Omar Aquino (D-Chicago) asked Gov. Bruce Rauner’s Department of Human Services (DHS) secretary if his office had any demographic data on the effects of program cuts on minority communities. Director James Dimas responded that DHS only collects data when it is required by the federal government, as in the case of food subsidy programs like TANF and SNAP.

    “In order to improve, you need to measure,” Aquino said. “Governor Rauner promised smart government and business-style solutions, yet he doesn’t even attempt to gather important information that would help him govern.”

    Aquino then asked Dimas his office’s position on a piece of legislation in the Illinois House of Representatives that would require DHS to the collect demographic data of program recipients. He responded that DHS is neutral on the legislation.

    “There’s a reason the federal government tracks this information,” Aquino said. “In Illinois, we need to be asking the same questions: How does this affect our minority communities? When we cut a program, who do we hurt?”

    The legislation, House Bill 3131, is currently under consideration in the Illinois House.

  • Aquino works for fairness for Chicago taxpayers

    aquino 120116SPRINGFIELD- State Senator Omar Aquino (D-Chicago) voted to override the governor’s veto of legislation that provides a more equitable state contribution to the Chicago Teachers’ Pension fund. Aquino released the following statement:

     “A pension is a promise and it is the state’s duty to ensure it is paid out to those who worked for it,” Aquino said. “However, there is an issue when funding becomes inequitable. Chicago taxpayers are paying for CPS teacher pensions as well as downstate teacher pensions, but residents living outside of Chicago don’t have to pay into Chicago teacher pensions. That’s not fair and that’s not how things should work. We need to make sure the system is protecting the taxpayers who pay into it.”

  • Aquino: “Hate has no home in Illinois”

    aquino 052617 2SPRINGFIELD –State Sen. Omar Aquino, D-Chicago, is the Senate sponsor of a piece of legislation that would update and broaden state hate crime laws. The measure was approved by the Illinois Senate today.

    The measure, which is sponsored in the Illinois House of Representatives by Rockford Democrat State Rep. Litesa Wallace, updates Illinois’ hate crime laws to include intimidation, stalking, cyberstalking and the transmission of obscene messages as potential hate crimes and allows civil penalties of up to $25,000. An initiative of the Illinois Attorney General’s office, the proposal aims to combat the recent rise in hate-related incidents and give victims peace of mind.

    “I am disturbed by the rising number of hate crimes across the country, and I want to make sure that hate has no home in Illinois,” Aquino said. “Sadly, the people committing these crimes are increasingly using technology and methods not covered in existing law. We must update existing law to match the realities of the information age.”

    A hate crime is any serious crime committed by reason of actual or perceived race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability or national origin of another individual or group of individuals. Intent must be proven in order to prosecute a hate crime.

  • Aquino: $15 an hour good for the economy

    aquino 042717SPRINGFIELD – State Sen. Omar Aquino, a Democrat from Chicago, spoke in favor of raising the minimum wage to $15 statewide. Aquino spoke at a rally in the capitol building, along with workers, activists and fellow legislators.

    “If we really want to help local businesses and stimulate the economy, we need to raise the minimum wage,” Aquino said. “If workers are paid at least $15 an hour, they’ll have more money to spend on goods and services in their communities. That money will go straight back into the economy. Raising the minimum wage is not just the right thing to do. It will inject money where it is needed.”

    The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is supporting a nationwide effort to raise the minimum wage, focusing on organizing workers in the service industry. While organizers support different wages depending on jurisdiction, they have consistently fought for a $15 minimum wage in Illinois.

  • Aquino: Humboldt Park to celebrate neighborhood beach reopening

    Aquino floor 2016CHICAGO – Humboldt Park residents once again will be able to enjoy their neighborhood beach after the Chicago Park District completes renovations for its reopening, which is planned for August 5.

    The Chicago Park District closed the beach last summer because of the high cost of refilling the water in order to use the savings to make cost effective improvements to the beach.

    “It’s a place for people throughout the community to gather and enjoy their summer,” State Senator Omar Aquino (D-Chicago) said. “I’m glad the park district was able to make adjustments to keep the beach open at a lower maintenance cost.”

    The Chicago Park District made improvements to the beach that eliminate the need for draining and refilling by adding a bubbler to maintain water temperature, quality and circulation. The beach, equipped with a 10-foot-deep swimming area, originally was set to reopen in July, but renovations were pushed back because of recent weather conditions.

    The Humboldt Park beach was built in 1973 and is the city’s only inland beach.

    Residents plan to celebrate the reopening of the beach this weekend. Also, to make up for the late opening, the park district plans to extend the beach season at Humboldt Park to give residents more time to enjoy their improved beach.

  • Aquino: Maybe Trump taking anti-immigrant cues from Rauner

    aquino 022217SPRINGFIELD – Shocked at the governor’s push to eliminate immigration services, State Sen. Omar Aquino’s first questions at a recent Senate budget hearing were to inquire whether the Rauner administration had coordinated the immigration cuts with the Trump White House.

    Gov. Bruce Rauner’s budget director didn’t know if his boss had talked to Trump about the agenda, but he did remind Aquino and other Senators that this wasn’t the first time Rauner had publicly proposed eliminating state assistance for immigrants.

    “These reductions are the same reductions that were introduced in the governor’s fiscal year 2016 budget,” said Rauner Budget Director Scott Harry.

    Aquino said the hearing was a reminder that Rauner has been pushing an anti-immigrant agenda since well before Trump got elected and took office.

    “Maybe it’s Trump who’s taking his anti-immigrant cues from Rauner. This might explain Gov. Rauner’s silence while immigrants were being detained at O’Hare,” Aquino said after the budget hearing. “So much for the governor who said he was going to make Illinois compassionate and competitive.”

    Specifically, Rauner’s budget eliminates $5.9 million for immigrant integration services and wipes out the $1.5 million for welcoming centers intended to be the point of contact for immigrants arriving in Illinois.

    This is not the first time that Gov. Rauner has clashed with advocates for humane immigration policy. In 2015, along with then-Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Rauner released a statement in which he announced that he would suspend resettlement of Syrian refugees in his state.

  • Aquino: Tax returns an issue of transparency, not party

    aquino 042017If Donald Trump was hoping people would forget about his tax returns after he took office, he is likely very disappointed.

    Last Saturday, April 15, thousands gathered in cities across the country for Tax Marches organized to demand the release of the president’s tax returns and to protest the country’s current tax system.

  • Aquino: University of Illinois should provide safe space for undocumented students

    Aquino: University of Illinois should provide safe space for undocumented studentsCHICAGO — In response to the University of Illinois deciding not to become a sanctuary campus for undocumented students, State Senator Omar Aquino (D-Chicago) issued the following statement:

    “Failing to protect undocumented students is regressive to our American values. The University of Illinois deciding against becoming a sanctuary campus for undocumented students sends a message that we do not support people who are working every day to invest in their future and the future of our country.

    I am saddened for the students in Illinois who are living in fear and uncertainty, and I’m disappointed that our largest public university chose not to provide a safe space for them.

    President-elect Trump’s rhetoric targets not only undocumented students, but a number of marginalized communities throughout our state and country. We must be united now more than ever, and I will continue to stand with those who feel unsafe going into the next four years.”

  • Budget crisis creates challenges for Chicago healthcare provider

    aquino 062917SPRINGFIELD – State Sen. Omar Aquino, a Chicago Democrat, emphasized the importance of a balanced, full-year budget in bringing stability and certainty to community healthcare providers in his district and across Illinois. Aquino pointed to the toll that the budget crisis has already taken on Erie Family Health Center, a Chicago safety net healthcare provider that has been forced to work through a wide variety of issues over the last two years.

    “I am glad to hear that there is some bipartisan cooperation in state government as we work toward passing a budget,” Aquino said, referring to ongoing negotiations in the Illinois General Assembly.

  • Cullerton announces appointments to sexual harassment awareness task force

    jjc stmtpic 072417

  • Debt Transparency Act becomes law after Senate overrides governor’s veto

    transparencySPRINGFIELD – A day after Illinois’ bill backlog reached $16.7 billion, members of the state Senate rejected a system that allows government agencies to conceal unpaid invoices from the comptroller and taxpayers for months on end.

    The Illinois Senate on Wednesday voted to override the governor’s veto of the Debt Transparency Act, a commonsense measure that demands better accounting and reporting practices by state agencies so that officials can understand the true extent of the bill backlog at any given time.

  • Few specifics, missed opportunities in governor's budget speech (VIDEO)

    budget ftr 021517

  • Honoring Hispanic heritage in America


  • Illinois set to welcome hurricane victims

    hurricane maria

  • Latino Caucus supports Illinois National Guard troops deployed to Puerto Rico

    aquino 110917SPRINGFIELD-Illinois recently sent more than 100 Illinois Army National Guard troops to assist in the rebuilding of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, as many on the island continue to live without electricity or clean water.

    “Illinois has a large population of Puerto Ricans, and sending support to those who are struggling in their homeland is the right thing to do. I thank our troops who have been deployed to help as the people of Puerto Rico continue to rebuild,” said Senator Martin A. Sandoval (D-Chicago), Co-Chairman of the Latino Caucus.

  • Latino Caucus urges Congress to pass the DREAM Act now

    DREAM Act Now

  • Measure to maintain demographic data of benefit recipients signed into law

    aquino 022217SPRINGFIELD – A new law would require the Illinois Department of Human Services to collect and publicly report data on the racial and ethnic demographics of recipients of its state aid programs.

    State Sen. Omar Aquino, D-Chicago, the bill’s Senate sponsor, believes that the proposed law will help the government assess the impact that cutting or expanding a program could have on specific communities.

    “Without tracking demographics, it is difficult to know if we are spending public dollars equitably in regards to race, gender and ethnicity,” Aquino said. “When we make cuts, we need to ask ourselves: How does this affect our minority communities? When we cut a program, whom do we hurt?”

    At a Senate hearing this April, Aquino asked DHS Director James Dimas for demographic data explaining how cuts in Gov. Rauner’s budget proposal would affect minority communities. Dimas responded that the Department only collects data when it is mandated by the federal government, as in the case of food subsidy programs like TANF and SNAP.

    “There is a reason the federal government tracks this information,” Aquino said. “In order to govern better, you need to measure. This is a smart, good government innovation. Better data means better government.”

    Gov. Bruce Rauner signed the legislation, House Bill 3131, into law today.

  • Plan to put translation apps on General Assembly website signed into law

    aquino 032817SPRINGFIELD – Legislation sponsored by state Sen. Omar Aquino (D-Chicago), which will add free translation software to the General Assembly website, was signed into law today.

    “This measure will bring Illinois into the 21st century and allow all residents to engage in the democratic process regardless of preferred language,” Aquino said. “The intent of this bill is to expand access to information at the lowest possible cost to taxpayers. With online translation software, it is possible to translate a website into several languages for free.”

    The measure requires the state to embed free translation technology into the General Assembly’s website, ilga.gov. The website gives people access to information about the Illinois House and Senate, actions taken in committees, legislative measures and other data. Using the app, visitors to the website will be able to translate much of this information into dozens of languages.

    The legislation, Senate Bill 1869, was recently signed into law by Gov. Rauner. The apps will be operational within a year of the bill’s signing.