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  • biss 112818The Illinois Senate honored Senator Daniel Biss’ term in office today with a resolution celebrating his service as his term comes to an end, as the Senator from Evanston thanked his colleagues and family for their support during his endeavors in the General Assembly.

    Coming to the Senate from the Illinois House of Representatives in 2013, the Harvard graduate and holder of a Ph.D. in mathematics from MIT was known for his advocacy of women, minorities and LGBT persons, his interest in modernizing Illinois law to address rapidly evolving technologies and his creation of the Secure Choice Savings Program for retirees.

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  • Sen. Bill CunninghamSPRINGFIELD – Chicago teachers and retirees could see their livelihoods be slashed due to inaction from the governor’s office.

    “Chicago teachers and retirees are on the front lines every day trying to educate our next generation as best they can with what little resources they have,” Senator Bill Cunningham said. “The state should be doing more to support all teachers including those in Chicago.”

    Legislation has been passed multiple times to ensure that Chicago teachers would receive the proper pension that they were promised when they took the job. But each time, the governor has continued to attack their ability to do their job.

  • tc consol 020817VILLA PARK- State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) is standing up for DuPage County retirees.

    Cullerton introduced Senate Resolution 113 that would prohibit taxing retirement income. 

    “Our seniors have made life choices based on a promise made by the state,” Cullerton said. “It is ridiculous for the state to recant on this contract. Illinois’ retirees cannot afford to suddenly be taxed by the state.”

    Proposals have been floated around by Chicago nonprofits to change the Illinois income tax code to include taxing retirees’ income. Cullerton is strongly opposed to any plan that would tax senior citizens.

    The average Illinois retiree receives an annual pension of just $32,000 a year and many receive much less.

    “We can’t afford to tax away seniors’ opportunities to live independently,” said Cullerton.

    Cullerton recently launched a petition located on his website to combat any legislation to tax senior citizens’ retirement income.

    In a 2016 Nielsen survey conducted of Illinoisans over 50, three-fifths say they would leave the state if such a tax were approved.

    “As we try to keep our residents in state and increase opportunities, why would we enact policies that would chase seniors out of Illinois,” Cullerton said.  “Taxing seniors’ retirement income isn’t going to solve our budget deficit.”

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