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  • Governor vetoes MAP, community college funding for Illinois students

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  • Lawmakers call on governor, AFSCME to continue labor negotiations (VIDEO, AUDIO)

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  • Lawmakers personally deliver MAP funding bill to governor's office (AUDIO & VIDEO)

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  • Local nonprofit dedicated to ending domestic violence receives AT&T award

    Murphy WINGS ATTROLLING MEADOWS – WINGS, a nonprofit organization based in the Northwest Suburbs with history dating to 1985, is one of the largest domestic violence service and housing providers in the State of Illinois.

    Acknowledging the vital work performed by WINGS, AT&T recently honored the organization with the “AT&T Investing in Illinois Award.”

    State Senator Laura Murphy (D – Des Plaines) nominated the organization for consideration for the award.

    “WINGS provides invaluable services to Illinois women and families during times of crisis,” Murphy said. “I am elated AT&T has honored the important work performed by WINGS every day.”

    In addition to the public recognition bestowed to WINGS, the organization also received a $2,000 contribution from AT&T to be used to assist with their career services program, providing assessment, vocational counseling and referrals to education and training. WINGS will work with women to create a plan to increase their incomes and forge a path to independent success.

    “AT&T is recognizing non-profit organizations that are improving lives in Illinois.  By supporting the work of these organizations, AT&T is investing to strengthen the communities we serve,” said Tricia Conway, AT&T External Affairs Manager. 

    The AT&T Investing in Illinois Awards provide resources and recognition to organizations and programs that are improving lives in their communities and the state by advancing education, economic growth, new technologies and other essential community services.

  • MAP grants, community colleges funding head to governor (AUDIO)

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  • Murphy calls for funding to be released to prevent possible property tax increase, layoffs

    murphy proptaxSPRINGFIELD- Nearly $583 million in funding for local governments is being held hostage due to the failure to negotiate a state budget by the legislative leaders and governor. As a result, many local governments are being forced to consider significant cuts or find new ways to generate tax dollars, such as a property tax increase. These funds, already collected by the Motor Fuel Tax, have no impact on the total state budget.

    To keep communities from being forced to take these drastic measures, a House panel today voted to release the funding. Former Des Plaines alderman and newly appointed State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines), supports the proposal.

    “Our communities should not be forced to raise property taxes or layoff police and firefighters because the leaders in Springfield cannot work together to solve the budget crisis they have created. As a former Des Plaines alderman, I know firsthand how important these funds are to our communities,” said Murphy.

    The legislation, House Bill 4305, also releases funding from special state funds to pay prizes for lottery winners and 9-1-1 operators. Similar to the Motor Fuel Tax, the funding has been collected through separate fees and taxes that do not impact the overall state budget.

    The proposal will now head to the full House for a vote.

  • Murphy hosts Mercer County Farm Bureau during Adopt a Legislator Day

    MercerCountyFarmBureauSPRINGFIELD – Representatives from the Mercer County Farm Bureau toured portions of the Northwest Suburbs recently as part of the Illinois Farm Bureau’s “Adopt-A-Legislator Program.” State Senator Laura Murphy (D – Des Plaines) hosted the group.

    “In a state as large and diverse as Illinois, it is important to facilitate conversations with those from different backgrounds and different parts of the state,” Murphy said. “The recent visit by the Mercer County Farm Bureau gave the organization an insight into the strengths and challenges facing our part of the state.”

    The Illinois Farm Bureau’s Adopt-A-Legislator Program was developed in 2001 and designed to build long-term relationships between urban state legislators and farmers from across the state. The goal is to educate urban legislators on agricultural issues as well as Farm Bureau members on the needs of urban and suburban regions.

    “We were very excited to have the opportunity to get to know Senator Murphy and learn more about her district,” Kendra Bolen, Manager of the Mercer County Farm Bureau, said. “We can’t wait for her to visit Mercer County and learn more about rural Illinois.”

    Senator Murphy led the group across the district, meeting with Dino Vlahakis, owner of Pickwick Theater in Park Ridge, Lisa Timbo, General Manager of the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel, as well as stopping at the McDonald’s No. 1 Store Museum in Des Plaines and Woodfield Mall.

  • Murphy looks to help residents secure home soundproofing

    murphy 021617SPRINGFIELD – The office of State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) is working to help contact eligible Park Ridge homeowners in efforts to help them soundproof their home.  Senator Murphy’s office was recently provided over 100 letters to 28th District constituents in Park Ridge from the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) offering sound proofing that went unanswered.

    The Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP) is a program instituted by the Federal Aviation Administration and the O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission to help reduce aircraft noise coming into eligible homes by installing acoustical mitigation equipment at zero cost to the homeowners. Park Ridge homeowners are eligible under phase 17 of the Residential Sound Insulation Program.

    “The Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP) is a preventative and cost-effective way to mitigate noise pollution from the effects of O’Hare.  I implore all eligible residents to take advantage of this public service program,” Murphy said.

    Phase 17 closes very soon.  If you believe you have received a letter from the CDA outlining your eligibility for soundproofing, please contact the CDA program office at (773) 894-3626 no later than March 17 to begin the process of soundproofing your home. 

  • Murphy plan to protect First Amendment rights advances

    murphy 032917SPRINGFIELD- After speaking out against a development plan at a Park Ridge Planning and Zoning Commission in November 2014, about 20 local residents were named as defendants in a lawsuit.  Because of uncertain language in current state law, when the developer filed suit to overturn the commission’s decision to reject the plan, they also named the residents as defendants.

    “This process was wrong. Every citizen should be able to voice their opinions in a public forum without fearing the threat of lawsuit,” State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) said. “However, currently state law is unclear. My proposal protects First Amendment rights of our citizens so they no longer face retribution for representing themselves at a public hearing.”

    Murphy passed her legislation through a key Senate committee to clear up the language and keep citizens who express concerns from being sued.

    The proposal, Senate Bill 731, passed without any opposition and will now head to the full Senate.

  • Murphy proposal to increase budget transparency, financial accountability passes committee

    murphy hiedSPRINGFIELD – State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) today passed a measure through the Senate State Government and Veterans Affairs Committee that will bring much-needed transparency and accountability to the state budgeting process.

    The proposal, Senate Bill 2585, requires the governor’s budget office to annually produce a report containing a four-year budget forecast that also lays out detailed solutions to solve any predicted budgetary shortfalls. The report also must be posted online so it is available to the general public.

  • Murphy proposal to increase budget transparency, financial responsibility advances through the Senate

    murphy 042616SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) passed a measure through the Illinois Senate last week that will bring much-needed transparency and accountability to the state budgeting process.

    Sen. Murphy’s proposal, Senate Bill 2585, requires the governor’s budget office to annually produce a report containing a four-year budget forecast that also lays out detailed solutions to solve any predicted budgetary shortfalls. The report also must be posted online so it is available to the general public.

    “This is a significant step forward for financial responsibility in the state budget. This proposal will require the state to set a budget plan for the future, instead of going from one financial crisis to the next,” Murphy said.

    The legislation was brought to Murphy by the Budgeting for Results Commission, which makes annual recommendations to the governor and General Assembly on how to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in state government, as well as increase financial accountability and transparency.  

    Murphy’s proposal passed the Senate with a bipartisan vote of 51-0-0 and will now head to the Illinois House.

  • Murphy supports proposal to consolidate local governments

    murphy 020817SPRINGFIELD- Currently, Illinois has the most local units of governments in the nation with over 7,000, running up an expensive tab for taxpayers.

    Today, the Illinois Senate passed Senate Bill 3 to make it easier for local governments to consolidate or be eliminated completely and save taxpayers’ money. State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) supported the legislation.

    The proposal, which passed the Senate with a vote of 34-14-11:

    • allows counties to dissolve local governments with governing boards appointed by the county (excluding water and fire protection districts)
    • allows townships to merge with adjacent townships
    • allows townships that share the same boundaries as a municipality to be dissolved by referendum
    • removes the current cap on square mileage of a township and other various barriers that prevent townships from consolidating 

    “These duplicative layers of government cost taxpayers thousands of extra dollars every year,” Murphy said. “Removing these outdated barriers to consolidation will provide significant savings.”

    The proposal will now head to the Illinois House of Representatives.

  • Murphy supports proposal to increase education funding, ensure schools open on time

    murphy 042616SPRINGFIELD – School districts in the Northwest Suburbs would receive $6.5 million more in state funding over last year under a plan being considered in the Illinois Senate.

    “This proposal would ensure schools across the state have the resources necessary to open their doors on time this fall,” State Senator Laura Murphy (D – Des Plaines) said. “We must give students, their parents and teachers the assurance that there will not be any disruptions in education funding due to the budget impasse.”

    School districts in the 28th District that would see increased state funding include Community Consolidated School District 59 ($2,237,269 increase), Schaumburg Township Elementary School District 54 ($1,721,290 increase), Des Plaines School District 62 ($1,524,490 increase), Maine Township High School District 207 ($494,814 increase), Keeneyville Elementary School District 20 ($434,687 increase) and Park Ridge – Niles School District 64 ($117,995 increase).

    “Increasing state support for school districts not only invests in our student’s economic future but also decreases the huge reliance on property taxes as a way to fund our schools,” Murphy said.

  • Murphy sworn-in as State Senator for Illinois’ 28th District

    Murphy sworn-in as State Senator for Illinois’ 28th DistrictDES PLAINES – State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) was sworn into office on Monday evening at the Des Plaines Public Library.

    Murphy replaces Dan Kotowski, who last month resigned to take over as CEO of the nonprofit organization, ChildServ, as state senator for Illinois’ 28th Legislative District.

    “I would like to thank State Senator Dan Kotowski for his nearly ten years of dedicated service to the taxpayers of this district and state. I am very appreciative of his support and confidence in my ability to do the job,” said Murphy.

    Prior to her appointment as state senator, Murphy spent over 20 years in healthcare and social services management, and the last four years educating youth in alcohol and tobacco prevention at the Illinois Liquor Control Commission.

  • Murphy to Trump: Hands off our health care

    murphy 032917SPRINGFIELD – President Trump this week signed into law legislation to allow states to withhold family planning funds from women’s health care providers, such as Planned Parenthood.

    Earlier this year, State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) joined with her colleagues in the Senate Public Health Committee to block legislation that would have made it more difficult for women to have access to health care from advancing. 

    “These actions taken by President Trump are just another example of an attempt to strip away women’s access to health care,” Murphy said. “I remain committed to stopping President Trump and his extremist proposals that will set women’s health care decisions back decades.”

  • Murphy votes to bring local dollars home

    murphy 120715Springfield – State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) co-sponsored legislation today to bring taxpayer money, withheld due to the state budget impasse, back to local communities.

    “As a former city official, I know firsthand the difficult decisions many of these municipalities were forced to make due to the lack of leadership in Springfield. It is past time that these tax dollars were sent back to the local communities they came from, to help avoid layoffs and property tax hikes,” said Murphy.

    While state officials have not provided exact totals on the amount communities are owed, in 2014, Des Plaines, for example, received more than $1.4 million. Last year’s totals for other communities in the area included:

    •    Schaumburg $1.8 million
    •    Hoffman Estates: $1.2 million
    •    Hanover Park: more than $940,000
    •    Park Ridge: more than $920,000
    •    Elk Grove Village: more than $820,000

    The proposal also included funding to pay lottery winners, fund breast cancer research and road salt for state highways.

    “This is a significant first step but it is only that – a first step. While I am encouraged that we were able to come together in a bipartisan fashion for these essential services, there is still work to be done to ensure that working and middle-class families in Illinois are not getting squeezed and that services are funded for the vulnerable members of our state, such as individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, rape victims and college students in need of MAP grants,” Murphy said.

    Senate Bill 2039 will now head to the governor’s desk.

  • Murphy votes to cut administrative perks, increase oversight of community colleges

    murphy hiedSPRINGFIELD – Several pieces of legislation passed through the Senate Committee on Higher Education as a result of the College of DuPage scandal that has unfolded over the last few months.

    State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) was a supporter of all of the legislation, which seek to increase transparency at community colleges and cut down on expensive perks for college officials.

    “Community colleges are great resources for thousands of students around the state. They are not opportunities for bureaucrats to take advantage of hundreds of thousands of dollars of student and taxpayer money,” Murphy said.

    The proposals, which passed the subcommittee today, will now head to a hearing in front of the full Senate Public Higher Education Committee. They include:

    Senate Bill 2155 – Requires the auditor general to audit one-third of all community colleges every year

    Senate Bill 2156 – Prevents perks, such as room and board expenses, from being classified as pensionable earnings

    Senate Bill 2157 – Requires four hours of professional training for new community college board trustees

    Senate Bill 2158 – Prohibits community college boards from entering new employee contracts 45 days prior to Election Day for trustees

    Senate Bill 2159 – Requires contract terms and annual performance reviews to increase transparency, and also forbids contract buyouts in cases of pending criminal charges

    Senate Bill 2174 – Requires four hours of professional training for all voting members of a university governing board


  • Murphy votes to expand insurance coverage for women

    murphy 052516SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois State Senate voted Wednesday in support of expanding insurance coverage for contraceptives for women. State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) was a co-sponsor of the legislation.

    “98% of American women will use birth control at some point during their lifetime for a variety of different health-related reasons,” Murphy said. “We owe it to these women to give them reliable, affordable access to a prescription they rely on.”

    Under current law, not all forms of contraceptives are covered by insurance.  The proposal backed by Murphy would require insurance companies in Illinois to provide coverage for nearly all FDA-approved contraceptives, drugs, devices and products. It also would require insurance companies to provide up to 12 months of contraceptives at one time.

    “This legislation brings much-needed stability to one of the most basic aspects of a woman’s life – her health. I encourage the governor to quickly sign this proposal to have an immediate positive impact on women’s lives across Illinois.”

    House Bill 5576 passed the Senate with a vote of 35- 22 and will now head to the governor’s desk.

  • Murphy votes to support women’s healthcare

    murphy 021617SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Laura Murphy on Wednesday helped block a measure that would have made it more difficult for women to access reproductive health care services in Illinois.

    Senate Bill 78 would have prevented state agencies from contracting with facilities that perform abortions. Murphy and five other Senate Democrats stopped the legislation from advancing out of the Senate’s Public Health committee.

    “At a time when President Trump is attempting to strip away women’s access to health care, we must continue to fight to protect these rights,” said Murphy, a Des Plaines Democrat. “I will continue to stand up to overreaching proposals that set women’s rights back decades.”

    The legislation was opposed by Planned Parenthood of Illinois, Men4Choice, Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force and other organizations that support women’s health.

    Senate Bill 78 failed in committee.

  • Murphy wants more women on corporate boards

    murphy 031717SPRINGFIELD – Only about 18 percent of Illinois companies have women on their corporate boards, despite a recent study by the Credit Suisse Report that shows that companies with women on their boards tend to be less risk-averse and have higher income growth.

    State Senator Laura Murphy is authoring Senate Resolution 140, which encourages more equitable and diverse gender representation on corporate boards and urges corporations in Illinois to increase the number of women on their boards.