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Senate President applauds governor’s focus on putting people to work

jjc 053118SPRINGFIELD — Illinois Senate President John Cullerton signaled his support Wednesday for Gov. JB Pritzker’s efforts to make sure the state’s workforce training programs are putting people to work and identifying new jobs and industries for Illinois’ future.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to put people to work. I applaud the governor for recognizing the opportunity and moving quickly to do something about it,” said Cullerton.

On Wednesday, Gov. Pritzker gave his agencies a 90-day deadline to come up with ways for the state to better align workforce development programs and funding with actual employers’ needs and emerging industries, such as renewable, green energy jobs.

Crowe encouraged by Pritzker’s commitment to economic development

crowe 011619BELLEVILLE – State Senator Rachelle Crowe (D-Glen Carbon) joined Gov. JB Pritzker and other downstate lawmakers to announce a comprehensive review of Illinois’ economic growth strategy.

“Four years of lurching from crisis to crisis have created economic instability across our state,” Crowe said. “It’s a relief to hear that Gov. Pritzker is committed to crafting a long-term plan to attract businesses and create new, good-paying jobs.”

Belt welcomes shift in focus to job training

belt 011619BELLEVILLE – State Senator Christopher Belt joined Gov. JB Pritzker to voice his support for a plan that will benefit African-American and low-income Metro East residents through expanded job training opportunities.

Belt (D-Cahokia) joined Gov. JB Pritzker at Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville as he signed an executive that will strengthen the state’s workforce development and job creation.

“To shift our state workforce issues, we have to shift our attention to the growing industries and apply all our resources to help them,” Belt said. “This is the first step we need to take to do that.”

One of Belt priorities is to tackle the state’s workforce issues by meeting the needs of employers and market demand. The plan laid out today would help by directing the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity report on what industries are growing and make recommendations on how to improve job creation within 60 days.

“I appreciate Gov. Pritzker paying attention to the needs of the Metro East and supporting job growth in the area,” Belt said. “Increasing job development in Illinois is the ultimate objective. By keeping our focus on working-class people, we’ll be able to help the local and state economy grow.”

Villivalam encouraged by Pritzker administration’s action on pay equity and wage theft

villivalam 011619SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Ram Villivalam released the following statement regarding the governor’s executive orders and the law that were signed yesterday.

“After four years of attacks on working people from our previous governor, it is refreshing and long overdue that we enact progressive policies to better their lives,” Sen. Ram Villivalam (D-Chicago) said. “With these executive orders and the signing of SB 203 into law, Governor Pritzker has demonstrated that he is on the side of Illinois’ working families.”

Executive Order 2019-02 will no longer require potential State of Illinois employees to disclose their salary history due to salary disadvantages women have previously faced. It will also direct the Illinois Department of Labor to expedite all cases of wage theft in an effort to protect workers and hold malicious actors accountable.

In addition, the governor signed SB 203, a vital piece of legislation that protects workers’ wages and promotes diversity in companies that are contracted by the state. The Illinois Department of Labor will be required to release reports on the diversity of those employed on public works projects, and will be asked to make recommendations on how to increase employment of women and people of color.

“I appreciate the fact that the governor included pay equity and wage theft among his top priorities. I look forward to working with both my colleagues and the governor to enact other progressive policies, including the establishment of a $15 minimum wage in Illinois.”

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