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The Majority Report 07/26/15 - Focus on urgent priorities


Cullerton calls on governor to submit new budget plan (VIDEO)

Cullerton calls on governor to submit new budget plan (VIDEO)On Wednesday, President John Cullerton encouraged the governor to focus on priorities outlined by credit rating agencies rather than a corporate class agenda that doesn't address the current budget crisis and hurts the middle class. Credit rating agencies have made it clear that we must address our structural deficit, pass constitutional pension reform and lower the backlog of bills to change Illinois' status as the state with the lowest credit ratings in the country.

"The budget process traditionally starts with the governor submitting a balanced plan that allows the legislature to review and respond appropriately - something that Governor Rauner never did," President Cullerton said. "He now has an opportunity to restart negotiations by submitting a new plan to the General Assembly. That balanced plan should reflect the budgetary lessons we've learned the past few months."

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Harmon law ends automatic life sentences for minors

Harmon law ends automatic life sentences for minorsThis week, a plan that Senator Don Harmon (D-Oak Park) negotiated among state's attorneys, criminal justice reform groups and other stakeholders became law. It essentially gives judges more discretion when they hand down sentences for minors accused of serious crimes like murder and rape.

"We need to give judges the authority to tailor juvenile sentences to fit the crime," Harmon said. "There need to be serious consequences when young people commit serious crimes, but in many cases, we also want to give them a second chance."

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Delgado meets with seniors to discuss impact of budget impasse

Delgado meets with seniors to discuss impact of budget impasseAs the state continues into its fourth week without a spending plan in place, individuals and families who receive services from the state have been left to wonder when, and if, the funding for their programs will be restored. Senator William Delgado (D-Chicago) visited with residents of the Victory Centre of Galewood, a supportive senior living facility, this week to discuss their concerns over their state funding and the looming cuts that the governor has proposed.

"For every day that we continue without a budget, the worry and the concern of those individuals who rely on state programs grows," said Delgado. "It's terrible that the fight in Springfield is impacting the ability of senior communities to live comfortably and worry free. I know that my colleagues, the Senate President and myself are working each and every day to find a solution to this and give our constituents peace of mind."

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Cunningham hearing digs into higher ed exec pay abuse

Cunningham hearing digs into higher ed exec pay abuseThe Illinois Senate Higher Education Subcommittee on Executive Compensation held a meeting Tuesday in Chicago to review its report on excessive compensation practices by public universities and community colleges in Illinois. Senator Bill Cunningham (D-Chicago) is the chairman of the committee.

"It is disappointing that we even need such a committee, but with recent instances such as what happened at the College of DuPage, we as elected officials need to examine this compensation structure and work toward a solution that taxpayers can be happy with," Cunningham said.

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