The Majority Report 08/10/14 - Good news for employers, children, seniors



Good news for employers: another drop in insurance rates on the horizon

maj-rep-081014-1A recent decision by the National Council on Compensation Insurance will mean big savings for Illinois' small businesses. The council recommended lowering workers' compensation insurance premiums by 5.5 percent, which means Illinois' workers' comp rates have fallen by nearly 20 percent over three years.
Workers' compensation insurance, which helps employers pay when workers are hurt on the job, is a major business expense. In 2011, the Illinois General Assembly made a concerted effort to cut workers' comp costs for businesses without putting injured employees at risk.



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 Manar expands access to life-saving epi-pens in schools

maj-rep-081014-2A new law designed to make Illinois’ schools safer for students and staff was signed by the governor last week. The most important part of the law, sponsored in the Senate by State Senator Andy Manar (D–Bunker Hill), expanded access to life-saving epinephrine auto-injectors or epi-pens.
Epi-pens are used to treat a person in anaphylactic shock due to an allergic reaction.



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Epilepsy, seizure disorders added to medical marijuana program

maj-rep-081014-3Quality of life for children with seizure disorders and their families is directly related to the frequency of seizures suffered. In a measure expanding Illinois' medical marijuana pilot program to include seizure disorders, Sen. Iris Martinez and Sen. Dan Kotowski are offering those families a better quality of life.
A cannibis derivative that can lessen or eliminate seizures will be available to Illinois families of seizure patients soon.



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Collins backs hard-hitting truancy task force report

maj-rep-081014-4Sen. Jacqueline Y. Collins, concerned about the impact of widespread, chronic absenteeism throughout the state but particularly in CPS, sponsored legislation last year creating the task force and directing it to report back to the General Assembly with findings and recommendations. Senate President John Cullerton appointed Collins to serve on the task force, which held public hearings throughout the spring.
Collins issued a statement this week on the final report of the Truancy in Chicago Public Schools Task Force.



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Forby makes outdoors affordable for seniors with reduced license fees

maj-rep-081014-5A new law was signed last week in Williamson County, decreasing hunting and fishing license fees for Illinois seniors 75 and older.
The new law sponsored by State Senator Gary Forby cuts fees for hunting and fishing licensure down to $1 or, in some cases, completely eliminates them.



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New ethics law in place for Illinois counties

maj-rep-081014-6County boards now have the ability to remove appointed officials who violate the public trust. Senate Bill 3552, sponsored by Sen. Julie Morrison and Sen. Melinda Bush and signed by the governor in late July, enables county boards of the collar counties to remove appointed officials with a two-thirds majority vote.
To initiate the process, the county board or county executive must find the appointed official violated the county's code of conduct, and the county board must hold a hearing.


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