The Majority Report 11/15/15 - Families, funding, farming


Hutchinson calls for action on child care reform

Hutchinson calls for action on child care reformState Senator Toi Hutchinson (D - Chicago Heights) toured the YWCA Kankakee Child Care Center last week to bring attention to the lack of child care funding.

"I have been fighting for months to get more children into classrooms as soon as possible and give providers the stability they desperately need to make it through this crisis," Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson was able to bring about a compromise on Senate Bill 570 last Tuesday, increasing eligibility and awaiting only action by Joint Committee on Administrative Rules on November 17 to take effect.

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College grants, human services falling short

College grants, human services falling shortPublic colleges and universities have been fronting the costs to cover the MAP grants through the fall semester, but have indicated that generous gesture simply cannot continue. Last year, MAP grants assisted over 136,000 students in affording college.

"The lack of funding for the MAP grant program is a far cry from the governor's call to make Illinois more compassionate and a more business-friendly climate," Senator Pat McGuire (D-Joliet), chairman of the Higher Education Committee, told a crowd of more than 200 students who rallied last week at the Capitol.

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Human service providers in Southern Illinois testified in Carbondale last week about devastating effects on families, children and seniors as the state budget impasse continues. Providers are laying off employees and the economic impact spreads through already suffering communities.

"It's like my house is on fire. I'm calling the fire department, and they're saying, ‘I can't help you in November, John. I can help you in March, though," said John Markley, CEO of Centerstone of Illinois, which offers mental health services in southern Illinois. "And meanwhile my house is burning to the ground."

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Cunningham: Illinois economy relies on agriculture

Cunningham: Illinois economy relies on agricultureHighlighting the importance of agriculture in the state, State Senator Bill Cunningham (D-18th District) visited with farmers in Tazewell County on Monday to discuss the issues they face.

"Perhaps no issue or industry unites Illinois more than agriculture and agribusiness," Cunningham said. "Whether it is grain traders in downtown Chicago or farmers in Tazewell County, or an agricultural sciences laboratory in Urbana, Illinois is an international center of agricultural production and its related businesses."

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